9 Modern Spanish Home Designs for Elegant Properties

“Spanish revival” is one of the design trends that will rise in 2019. Modern Spanish home designs combine the elegance of European architecture and the eclectic look of Mediterranean style. They look grand, classy, but warm and inviting.

Spanish architecture gives you high ceiling, hand-painted tiles, curves, wrought iron, dark wood, and terracotta elements. Here are several design ideas you can apply to create Spanish look in your properties.

1. Small Spanish Home with Garage

Create a small Spanish home with garage by adding a pointed gable and curved entryway underneath. The curve can also be applied to the garage. Use red terracotta tiles and soft beige or faded yellow as the walls. Earth colors suit the Mediterranean look.

To make it look “more Spanish”, you can add a green garden with colorful border flowers. If the climate allows it, plant a small palm or even banana tree for “warm” look.

2. Mid-century Spanish Home

Apply classic charm in a modern house with Mid-century Spanish home design. This house usually has two levels, with a circular front part that complements the curved entryway. Curved windows and red terracotta tiles complement the exterior.

Mid-century homes usually have high ceilings with wood beam accents. Decorative wrought iron frames appear on balustrades and stairs or as fixtures. Warm-colored tiles make the house more charming.

3. Spanish Home with Tiled Yard

The spacious tiled yard is a common element in a modern Spanish home. The extended tiled area serves as an additional living space. Homeowners can have various functions on this tiled yard, from lunch party to family BBQ.

The tiled yard may have earthy color to evoke the soil. You can contour the tiled area to match the landscape garden or flower beds. Planting a tree in front of the yard will create a “balanced” look.

4. Modern Minimalist Spanish Home

Modern minimalist Spanish home combines the subtle elegance of contemporary design with classic elements. The design limits decorative elements, but retains prominent design aspects, like curved entryways and windows. The circular vent may be installed above the door.

Modern minimalist home also uses a lot of subtler colors, such as white and soft grey. However, there are specks of warm colors to provide the Mediterranean elements, like red or brown.

5. Spanish Homes with Minimalist Interior

Create juxtaposition by pairing intricate exterior and minimalist interior. This modern Spanish home may have decorative wrought iron, curved entryways, and tiled backyard. However, the interior is spacious and free of unused decorations, creating an airy look.

You can use white walls with a light wooden floor and doors. Use beige for carpets and large furniture items. Textures and patterns are great to “fill” space. Clean lines, large window panels, and high ceiling with recessed lamps create the modern interior look.

6. Hillside Spanish Home with White Walls

Hillside Spanish home with white walls, such as Casa Finestrat in Alicante, Spain, has a look that is both majestic and elegant. You can use curved white walls to create a modern Mediterranean look. Use flat roofing instead of tiled one to reduce the “busy” look.

The inside of the house reflects the exterior. Curved staircases and open-space concept reflect the typical houses in warm coastal regions. The house also has “social zones”, which consist of seating areas, access to outdoor view, and entertainment tools.

7. Rustic Spanish Home for Family

Rustic Spanish home provides a humble but comfortable residential space, almost like a farmhouse. This design usually only has one floor, but with extended living space to accommodate a big family. Terracotta tiles and curved windows grace the exterior.

Rustic Spanish home may have extended living space in the semi-open design. For example, the terrace may function as a living room, while the backyard serves as an outdoor dining area. Rustic garden complements the whole look.

8. Spanish Home with Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a nice addition to a Mediterranean-style house. Spanish home with swimming pool evokes the look of lakeside houses in the country. Container pool is a cheaper, more convenient option to retain the property value.

The pool should be located in the back or side yard for more privacy. It can be a “mood pool” (with hot and cold water) for more options. Installing a deck will create more “outdoor” charm suitable for Mediterranean-style house.

9. Hacienda Design for Spanish Home

Hacienda style has several unique design aspects. There are wrought iron and decorative stone decorations, ceiling with wooden beams and fans, and Latin American antique furniture. Hacienda design for Spanish home is ideal for the warmer region.

Hacienda homes keep everything within constraints, even if space is big. Antique furniture, wooden beams, and warm-colored tile floor may be prominent. However, the decorations are kept minimum, and there is an emphasis in open space.

Thanks to the revisited Spanish design trend, you can enjoy Mediterranean charm in a more modern setting. Modern Spanish home designs allow homeowners to enjoy wide space and warm colors, but without being oppressed by too many details.





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15+ Fire Pit Seating Ideas for Great Backyard Camping

Why leave for camping when you can do it at home? Fire pit seating arrangement is a great addition for every home with a large backyard. Homeowners can relax or hold various social events in a casual setting.

A fire pit can have any design, from rustic stone piles to sleek concrete box. You must also consider the seat design. Just like your living room, the seating formation must match its surroundings (including the fire pit). Here are nine inspirations to try.

1. Stone Fire Pit with Stone Benches

Stone fire pit with stone benches has a rustic outdoor look from their materials. Natural boulders are tough and withstanding various outdoor elements. They look especially great on a lawn or forest backyard, thanks to their natural designs.

To make the entire look more welcoming, arrange the stone pit and benches on a raised platform. The platform can be made of concrete or stone tiles. The setting is perfect for a backyard party of home camping.

2. Bonfire Pit on Circular Stone Tiles

For more genuine backyard camping experience, try using bonfire as the center of fire pit seating design. You can create a circular gap in the center, with the perfect size to arrange the logs. Surround it with stone tiles arranged in a circular shape.

This design is perfect for a soil or lawn backyard, especially with trees or shrubs as the background. Add a long bench with space beneath the seat, which can be a place to pile fresh logs.

3. Concrete Fire Pit Seating Design

Concrete fire pit seating design creates a sleeker, more modern look. This design is easy to make because you only need to construct several concrete blocks. The concrete fire pit is perfect for people who like the no-nonsense design.

You can build this concrete pit seating on concrete slabs. Surround it with flower beds or shrub garden. To add extra textures, use wooden panels as the actual seats, while the concrete forms the back and the fire pit.

4. Poolside Fire Pit Seating Design

Poolside fire pit seating offers a fun, laidback spot for entertaining or relaxing. To create continuity, build the fire pit on a patio that extends from the pool. The fire pit area can be built in lower ground, so people will not look directly to swimmers (and vice versa).

This fire pit seating can also be connected to the house with the patio design. Build a patio that extends directly to the pool and continues down to the fire pit. It is a perfect spot to have a pool party or weekend relaxation.

5. Grey Brick Fire Pit with Sofas

Grey bricks create an elegant rustic look that goes well with outdoor sofas. This fire pit seating design can be constructed on a grey tile platform, creating a sleek and subdued look that is very relaxing. Choose outdoor sofas with subtle color to complement the grey.

To soften the grey, add several sofa pillows with your favorite patterns. Add one or two brightly-colored pillows to inject lively colors.

6. Tropical Fire Pit Seating Design

Tropical fire pit seating design consists of various beach-related materials and looks. You can create a stone fire pit with wooden benches around it. Add beach chairs with thatched umbrella and Tiki torches nearby.

To complement the design, plant mini palm trees, banana trees, and tropical shrubs. Make sure to showcase the soil texture around the fire pit. This design is perfect to hold a BBQ party.

7. Landscape Garden Fire Pit

Landscape garden fire pit must blend well with the surrounding designs. The fire pit can be constructed of white concrete or smooth, natural stone to create a sleek look. The seating arrangement can be regular stone blocks or wooden benches.

You can also add beautiful outdoor furniture to match the landscape garden. Chairs and sofas from wrought rustproof iron, for example, create elegant beauty you often see from the vintage garden.

8. Bowl-type Fire Pit with Floating Seats

Create a modern minimalist design by constructing a fire pit in a bowl-shaped concrete. It can stand on a concrete slab with a similar color. Surround it with short concrete walls, with floating wooden seats installed on their surfaces.

This fire pit is super modern and perfect for a contemporary house. It is ideal for a manicured lawn yard or poolside patio.

9. Portable Fire Pit with Frame Furniture

The portable fire pit is convenient and comes in various designs. The most common one is made of wrought metal, with a dark color and circular or square shape. This fire pit is still heavy, but easy to move around, perfect for a large yard.

Surround the fire pit with sleek frame furniture to match the shape. If possible, the furniture should have the same color as the fire pit.

The fire pit is a nice addition to any backyard, poolside patio, or front terrace. Having a fire pit seating arrangement will give you extra space to unwind or entertain. Enjoy the best of your property with this outdoor design element.

More fire pit seating ideas.

























Best 10+ Modern Room Apartment Ideas for Studio Style

A studio apartment is a smart solution to save money on living space. Modern room apartment with studio style combines all functions in one space. While it may sound like a space-saving solution, you can still have fun with the design.

Studio apartment provides more opportunity to experiment with colors, furniture, and textures. You can create a beautiful living space even with limited apartment size. Here are several ideas to help you start.

1. Black and White Modern Apartment

The black and white modern apartment has a classic look that lasts for years. Be bold by combining white walls with dark furniture, or vice versa. Install several mood lightings along with the main light bulb to illuminate specific spots when needed.

To balance the black and white look, install a wooden floor with the prominent wood grain pattern. You can also install a rug with a bright color to cut through the monochromatic shade.

2. Modern Apartment with Smart Storage

Modern apartment with smart storage combines several functions in one furniture item. For example, an L sofa may be transformed into a daybed. You can also find a sofa with a hollow part under the seat for additional storage space.

Other popular storage options include a chest-style coffee table that can be opened. You can also buy the classic items, such as feet bolster or ottoman which top parts serve as the lids.

3. Larger Apartment Look with Mirrored Surfaces

Adding mirrored surfaces in a modern room apartment will create larger size illusion. A mirror is a classic option for a small room, but the reflective surface can be anything. You can install dark floor tiles that have a sleek, reflective surface.

Consider installing decorative mirrors on several spots of the walls. They give you extra spots to check your appearance and provide larger size illusion in a studio apartment.

4. Modern Apartment with Hidden Furniture

Modern apartment with hidden furniture is a convenient way to save space. Many apartments have a foldable bed that is hidden in the wall. There are now dining tables that can be pushed into the cabinet when you are not using them.

Contemporary apartments, such as the designs of Kitoko Studio, have “Swiss Army knife furniture”, in which a cabinet hides a small dining table, chair, and closet. These modern solutions are great to save space.

5.Modern Room Apartment with Sliding Doors

Modern room apartment with sliding doors is very common. Sliding doors help to reduce the space you need when opening and closing them. Normally, sliding doors are made of glass, but this material is expensive and unsuitable for a small apartment.

Wooden sliding doors can be a better alternative. Disguised as regular wall panels, these wooden doors provide smooth access to other rooms in a less conspicuous way. These wooden doors can also blend with other wooden furniture or floor.

6. Combo Furniture for Studio Apartment

Combo furniture has started to become more popular for modern room apartment. Combo furniture by Swiss designer Till Konneker, for example, combines a bed, closet, shoe rack, and TV space.

In this example, the combo furniture has the bed on top, with a metal ladder like a bunk bed. Bookshelves are arranged around the TV space, right next to a closet. The extra space below the closet is used for shoes.

7. Modern Apartment with Wall Shelves

Creating partition or walls out of shelves is a classic solution for a small apartment. Modern apartment with wall shelves creates convenience from practicality. The shelves can reach the ceiling or just high enough to create a partition.

The shelves can have a solid or hollow back, depending on the privacy level you want. However, if you have a ceiling-high shelf, use the one with solid back to prevent falling objects.

8. Modern Apartment with Mezzanine Floor

Modern apartment with the mezzanine floor is a solution to create extra space in a small room. A mezzanine floor can be additional space for a bed, study room, or mini library. It can be accessed with curved or block stairs, depending on the height and position.

For more playful space design, make the mezzanine a room for being barefoot. Place a low desk, bookshelf, and floor mattress to create cozy space. Use the walls to make floating racks and other practical storage space.

9. Large Curtains for Apartment Room

Large curtains for apartment room eliminate the needs for “bedroom”. Instead of installing walls to separate the bedroom area, you can use large curtains that extend from ceiling to floor. The curtains are connected to the metal frame with railing above the bed.

Choose curtains with colors that contribute to the room design. For a more modern look, try installing two black and two white curtains. You can also choose light brown, grey, or blue curtains for a more relaxing look.

Modern room apartment in studio style property requires smart design planning. You can save space by using combo furniture, building a unique structure like the mezzanine floor, or playing with colors and materials. Try these ideas to create your dream apartment.

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5 Wonderful Ideas of Triple Bunk Beds for Your Kids’ Bedroom

Many families with children consider the bunk bed as a sleeping solution without compromising space and quality. For people with triplets or even quadruplets, there’s no better space-saver than the triple bunk beds in your house. This type of bed is versatile and highly functional while serving the aesthetic aspect of your kids’ bedroom decor.

The Advantages of Triple Bunk Beds

Having an extra bed(s) can never hurt. Triple bunk beds offer a great solution for children to share a room or those who cannot afford to add extra room; why not add an extra bunk instead? If you have one plan in mind, here are the 5 wonderful ideas of triple bunk beds for kids’ bedroom:

Full Triple Decker Bunk Bed

Mind yourself that if your room doesn’t have high enough ceiling, this one should be crossed out from the list. The traditional design of triple bunk beds 3 high allows children to be active, or maybe you should consider the oldest one to sleep on the very top. A traditional one has a ladder attached to one side of the bed for your child to climb.

Be sure to have enough space between the top bunk and the ceiling for your kid to move.

Two Ups, One Down

Considering the design, you’ll get an equal amount of fighting about who’s going to occupy the top bunk. Two ups, one down means an L-shaped bed on the upper with two ladders on each of the bed, usually one on the side and one at the back side. One bed is above the first, and the third bed is on the opposite side of the second bunk.

With this, you’ll get a space below the third bed to fill with a small cabinet or drawers, or even a study table with an adequate amount of light.

One-Ups, Two Down

It has the opposite design of the previous version of triple bunk beds. You’ll get an L-shaped down the floor beds with a ladder attached to one side to connect with the upper bunk. I think this is a safer option so your kids won’t have to climb up the bed and minimize the risk of falling.

This particular design requires a larger room space compared to the full traditional bunk beds. Since it doesn’t offer any additional storage, you’ll have to provide extra space for that.

Triple Bunk Bed with Separate Ladder

The traditional triple bunk beds design has a ladder attached to one side of the frame. To make it more interesting, you can opt for the partial ladder. The ladder can be mounted to the side or detachable and extendable to reach the second and third level easily. It usually comes with a safety barrier to protect the kids from falling.

The detachable ladder makes it easier for parents to clean up space, as well as prevent accidental bump.

The Crisscross Bunk Beds

You don’t have to stuck on the parallel design of a bunk bed where the beds installed on the same line. Another way to wonderfully decorate your kids’ bedroom using triple bunk beds is by coming up with the criss-cross design, in which each bed is mounted on a different level but not parallelly aligned.

In this sense, you can place two bunks connected with a mounted ladder on the side, and one bed to sit in the middle with a different position.

The kids can access the middle bunk bed using a mounted or detachable ladder. From this point of view, you’ll get enough room to add storage under the middle bed to place a laundry basket or a small drawer. Better still, if you make the middle bunk high enough, try adding extra mounted drawer storage for your kids’ clothes.

Why Do I Have to Install Triple Bunk Beds?

Among any other reason, saving space is the most profound one. The design helps families with limited house room to provide extra space for their children, where you can place 3 kids in one room.

While the design of bunk beds works for a house with limited room numbers, it also requires a larger room space for a modified bunk bed, and a higher ceiling for the traditional stacked up triple bunk beds with drawers. The suitable design? It’s on your hand.

What Do I Need to Have (Make) One?

If you have the time and skill, try to build the bunks yourself. It can be made of wood or steel, each with its lacks and benefits. While it’s more difficult to build steel, the triple bunk beds solid wood makes it easier to modify with, in which you can add stairs, desks, even slides or other fun highlights.

To make traditional bunk beds, you’ll need at least boards measuring 2 x 6”, 2 x 4”, and 2 x 3”, bolts and nuts, plywood, wood screws, table saw, a drill, a power hand sander, gel stain, and polyurethane.

In some cases, triple bunk beds can also limit clearance for the space between the ceiling and the upper bunk, but with a slight modification, you can overcome that problem.

























10+ Interesting Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas for Modern Houses

While regular shaped windows protect you from the outside, the floor to ceiling windows provides a major unobstructed, crystal-clear panoramic view to enjoy the beauty outside.

If you’ve happened to live near the seashore, by the lake, or surrounded by the green lush, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy nature where the majestic view lays before your eyes every morning.

Floor to ceiling windows installs getting more popular in modern houses thanks to its features. If you plan to have one, draw inspiration from the following ideas:

Floor to Ceiling Windows in Full Mirror Coverage

Meaning, this particular design can also act as your wall, your door, even your room’s partition. Floor to ceiling windows in full mirror coverage is frameless, so you have to get it planned during the house construction, mounted to the floor and ceiling; and replacing them is hard work.

Despite a careful plan, this glass offers an infinite view across the room or natural sight up front. In modern houses, the windows are installed near a room which provides a beautiful garden view, inviting swimming pool, or where natural lights are required the most.

Mind you that it must be installed at the precise measurement and pressure. Full mirror coverage of floor to ceiling window cost about $700 to $1,600 per foot.

Half-Circle Design Floor to Ceiling Windows

The arched design of the window is quite interesting in modern houses that serves both a clear view and decorative aesthetic purpose. Its visual resembles the dome-like windows, and more often than not, comes with steel frames.

The dome-like floor to ceiling windows is perfect for houses with small spaces. If you wish to make a room appears larger, thank the geometric frame among the things to be considered before buying is the frame and glazing aspects.

Be sure to choose a well-insulated glass and if you wish to save the planet, choose one with the energy-effective system. The mid-grade glass costs about $450 or lower.

Cathedral-Like Floor to Ceiling Windows

Though it has similar arched design as the dome windows, this one creates more dramatic, more majestic, and the maximum impact of a room. The cathedral-like windows are perfect for you who adore the Victorian design and fuse it with the contemporary look.

The model is suitable for a house with high ceilings and makes a room appears taller. However, be sure to not make it over dramatic by placing plump decorative pieces and the less angular furniture to balance the look.

Buying the pre-made panel floor to ceiling windows can help you save some bucks compared to the custom model. A piece that is well-insulated can help the maintenance factor in the future. If you’re lucky to find, some of the cathedral-like floor to ceiling windows for sale are under $5,000.

Single-Framed Floor to Ceiling Windows

This is probably the most common style in the floor to ceiling window design, in which frames protect the sides of the glass. No panels are attached to eliminate any view’s obstruction, offering a stretched vision up front.

The full-length windows offer great freshness and spaciousness. Particularly with the insulated frames, you’ll get to have better insulation values and abe to reduce energy and eliminate heating cost. Single-frame floor to ceiling windows is suitable to be installed on the room facing the outside directly.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Multiple Panels

The truth about having multiple panel windows is you also promoting energy and cost-efficiency. The multiple panel windows can come in many different designs, from squares, tinted at the top or bottom, or even the sides. In modern houses, the multiple squares and tinted windows are more common.

Despite helping you save the environment, windows with multiple panels also create a better aesthetic point of view. The design can stand out, and if you opt for the tinted design, it helps you to avoid the glares from the people outside.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Narrow Frames

Another great way of making your modern-looking house or apartment appears more modern is by installing windows with narrow frames. The floor to ceiling windows apartment with multiple narrow frames offers great air circulation while maintaining your privacy.

This type of design makes a standout statement, and the narrower your windows, the more interesting they look. The windows can open inward, outward, or both sides, but both sides are more versatile and allow better traffic.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Wooden Frames

While most modern houses incorporate steel or PVC frame construction, it’s never hurt to include wood as your floor to the ceiling window frame. It is produced in less resource extraction, less energy, and transport-efficient.

The wooden frames also reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 26% to 31% compared to what steel frames can do. While some people argue that wooden frames are less durable, it has long lifespan under the well-maintained environment, coating the surface with pest-free and moisture-free materials.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Obscure Glass

When some people install floor to ceiling windows to see the outside clearer, an obscured glass floor to ceiling window will conceal you from the outside. In most cases, this type of window is installed in the bathroom, a bedroom, or where privacy matters most.

Without compromising the function, the window still makes a great statement of room decoration. The obscured glass also comes in many different designs from the mosaic, geometric, both monochromatic or in colors.

There you have the 8 floors to ceiling windows design ideas for your modern house that is highly functional and beautifully decorative. Do you already have one in mind?

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