20+ Practical Basement Bathroom Ideas to Apply in Your House

There are many ways that you can do to increase the value of your house. One of them is to install a bathroom in the basement. There are many basement bathroom ideas for you to create—whether it is only a guest bathroom or a personal spa with a walk-in closet.

However, installing a bathroom in a basement needs a lot of work. You will have to deal with plumbing, leak problems, and insulation. Before we start discussing the models, let’s talk about the things that you need to consider.

Design Basement Bathroom

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Working with a basement bathroom needs thorough planning because you deal with the underground zones. In designing the area, you have to check with the local authorities about this zone.

Make sure that when you are installing any plumbing or electricity, it will not interfere with the local restrictions and rules. Furthermore, designing the bathroom should also involve the drainage and ventilation route.

It is also easier to place the basement bathroom under another one upstairs. It would make the plumbing system easier to make because you don’t have to cross the insulation above the basement.

Drainage and Plumbing

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Some people choose to design their basement bathroom with a bathtub, shower, or even a laundry area. To meet these needs, a proper drainage system is a crucial thing to arrange. If needed, you need to make a basement bathroom plumbing layout for a clearer plan.

Consider the plumbing depth and pipe size that will accommodate the amount of water that would be drained through the system. You may need the information of the sewer depth from the house’s original blueprint to know where to start the plumbing installation.

Lighting and Ventilation

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Your basement bathroom would be less likely to receive natural sunlight. That is why you should plan adequate lighting that would make the area bright enough both day and night. Of course, the lighting element should also be low on electricity.

While on the ventilation, an exhaust fan is a must. It is even better when the exhaust fan is routed to the nearest outside wall so that the air can circulate well. Good air circulation would avoid mold from coming in and get rid of any damp odor.

Basement Bathroom Ideas Designs

Depending on your basement function, the basement bathroom ideas can go from the smallest one to the most luxurious. Once you get the idea of the plumbing system, decorating the bathroom interior is just another fun work to do.

With differences in features, you may find one of these basement bathroom design ideas suit you.

A Simple Half Basement Bathroom

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A half bathroom which consists of a sink and a toilet is a good idea if you don’t visit the basement often. Let’s see it as a spare bathroom in case you have guests around. It can also be applied if you don’t have much space left on the area.

This type of bathroom does not require a large space. However, you might want to keep the theme colors bright so that the bathroom doesn’t feel cramped. The use of a large mirror on one side of the bathroom can also enlarge its visual appearance.

Basement Bathroom with Bathtub or Shower

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A complete bathroom with a bathtub or a shower can never go wrong. You can even do both on one standard bathroom. To make the area feels spacious, the use of glass as a separator between the toilet and the bathing area is advised.

It is essential for a bathroom to have good ventilation especially when it is located in the basement. Besides installing an adequate exhaust fan, make sure that the air circulates well creating an airy layout for the basement bathroom.

Personal Basement Bathroom with a Walk-In Closet

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Creating a personal place for you to indulge in a long hot bath is worth to try. Once in a while, a refreshing bath is all we need to remove all the exhaustion. Since the basement is all yours, you can create a cozy bathroom with a luxurious bathtub and a walk-in closet.

The walk-in closet can also be a place where you keep all your collection neatly. Because it needs a rather large space, you may want to consider redesigning the whole basement area. Warm colors like white and beige with a rustic or classical look can be the best choice for this type of bathroom.

Basement Bathroom with Laundry Room

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Some people choose to include a laundry room in their basement bathroom ideas. A full bath and laundry room combo hides away the mess and the imperfection that a laundry usually does to your house. However, you still have to plan thoroughly for the water drainage.

If you do the laundry in the basement, it is recommended that you use the right size of the water pipe. It should also be installed through the sewer so the waste can go properly into its place.

The practicality of a bathroom does not only lie on its function but also its design. A practical design means that it is enjoyable, appealing, and easy to maintain. With the right plan and system, your basement bathroom ideas can be applied easily, and you can have all the features to guarantee the value of your house.

Here are basement bathroom ideas for your home.




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