9 Creative Coastal DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Improve Your Patio

There’s no better day than an afternoon of you enjoying the sunset with a view of magnificent waves and seagulls flying off the beach; there’s no better way to enjoy such day than from a comfy patio or deck. Draw some inspiration from our list of 9 coastal-themed DIY outdoor furniture for an enjoyable patio.

DIY Outdoor Furniture; A Wooden Bench

diy outdoor furniture made from pallets
source: casualdesignsfurniture.com

A wooden bench not only makes a piece of perfect furniture for a park but also for the coastal-themed patio. It’s simple, easy to make even if you are a novice wood crafter and you can find inspiration from cottage-style, island gateway, or the seaside comfy.

The simplest bench only needs 4 boards and 18 screws that’ll cost you less than $30. To add comfort, you can put a cushion on top and armrests.

DIY Outdoor Furniture; An Upholstered Footrest

diy outdoor furniture plans
source: roomed.nl

There’s a better way to help you stretch better than using a cushioned, comfortably-upholstered footrest. It’s more enjoyable to read a book or chat with your families when you can place yourself in the most relaxed way.

The footrest is made of raw wood with the same technique of building a bench. Cover the seat with a layer of muslin fabric, then attached burlap or velvet or any material you desire.

Wooden Spool Coastal Table

diy outdoor furniture pallets
source: housebeautiful.com

This one is a really simple DIY outdoor furniture plan with a nautical theme. You can take an old wooden spool from the local construction shop or other hardware shops. Polish the used spool with sea colors like broken white, turquoise, aqua, or light blue. Add some embellishment on the edge of the round top using ropes or sea-themed accessories.

DIY Ceramic Beach Table

diy outdoor furniture covers
source: pasimito.info

Well, I’m not saying you should actually build a ceramic table from scratch, instead of simply use the used planter or an old vase that is beautifully carved on its sides.

There’s no hammer or screw required, no hard work whatsoever; all you need to do is fill in the planter with the sand beach, place ornamental nautical accessories like seashells, sea star, and gravel, then cover the top using glass. Voila! You have your patio beautifully decorated.

A Private Gateway with Pergola and Benches

diy outdoor furniture covers
source: homebnc.com

Simple DIY outdoor furniture projects will provide you with more privacy when you build a pergola or arbor and benches.

Make an L-shaped arbor from pressure-treated wood and turn the corner area into a green leafy garden amidst the blue coastal atmosphere. The treated wood is highly durable and can last forever, but you need to cover it using penetrating stain for an appealing furniture-like design. The built-in benches are attached to the arbor with cushioned top to make it more relaxed.

Rope-Wrapped Planter with Coastal Touch

diy outdoor furniture projects
source: juventudrebelde.cu

The next simplest DIY outdoor furniture to make is a rope-wrapped planter. No significant amount of money to spend, no stay up late to finish, and no dirty hard work to do.

You can purchase clay planter from the nearest shop and a roll of rope. Use the hot glue to wrap the planter from top to bottom, circling until it’s fully covered. Then, paint the outer using coastal colors and attach sea-themed decoration.

A Mason Jar Wind Chimes

diy outdoor furniture cheap diy
source: diytomake.com

It is Not only nautical, but also rustic. The beautiful decorative wind chimes will add an interesting touch on your DIY outdoor furniture ideas. You’ll need a mason jar with lid, ½-inch thick scrap wood smaller than the lid, eye screws, a clear string (a fishing line will do), a bottle cutter, as well as beads and chains or charms.

Cut the jar into two then submerge in the cold water, and clean the parts using candles, creates holes around and screw the wood onto the lid with a hook for hanging purpose. The last step is adding a chain to the eye screw and the beads. You can also change the beads with small gravels or seashells.

A Fire Table to Warm Up

diy outdoor furniture cushion covers
source: pinterest.com/coastalliving

A fire table makes an amazing addition to your outdoor furniture because, you know, the night can be so chilly in the coastal area.

This fire table requires a burner to be installed in the middle of the table, and you must build the frame to fit the burner with spare space surrounding it.

It’s a piece of interesting DIY outdoor furniture and creates a stylish centerpiece for your coastal-themed patio.

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A Stylish Tip-Top Table with Tiles

diy outdoor furniture made from pallets
source: brand-google.com

I must tell you that the last DIY outdoor furniture plans require multiple skills and hard work, but it’s worth the effort.

You will have to combine woodcraft, metalwork, and tiling skills. Some set tools are required including plywood, mosaic tiles or tiles with any pattern you like, and metal piece. In general, this craft will cost between $100 to $500 and can be finished within 5 days or more.

There you have the 9 creative ways of making your patio more “alive” with DIY outdoor furniture. Some of them are simple, and some require pretty intense effort. Either way, coastal-themed furniture is the best way of making your decoration looks pretty.

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