13 Interesting Home Theater Ideas for 2019 Interior Designs

Have extra space to create a home theater set? Try interesting home theater ideas to give the room personality. The year 2019 sees the rise of creative interior designs for home theaters. You can build an elegant, quirky, or pop culture-inspired room to enjoy favorite movies.

Here are 13 ideas you can try to create memorable home theater space.

1. Vintage Home Theater Idea

Vintage home theater idea brings retro charm to a modern home. You can use beige walls, dark brown wooden panels, and light brown floor with red carpet to create this look. Create a double door with the leather panel as the entry, next to a dark wooden snack cabinet.

To create a retro cinema look, install a curved panel with the personalized name above the door. Add a row of small bulbs along the panel top. Red seats and heavy curtains add the vintage charm inside.

2. Trendy Black Home Theater

source: pinterest.ca/shadowcreekhms

Trendy black home theater is perfect for adult homeowners. The room can consist of dark walls, grey floor, and black leather seats (with wide armrests). For more elegant design, add grey ottomans with faux fur sheets on top. Place pedestal tables between two seats.

3. Casual Home Theater with Movie Posters

source: marisablair.me

Home theater ideas don’t need to be formal-looking. You can use a bunch of movie posters into murals. Classic or award-winning movie poster murals look great on white walls. Thick carpet and blue sofas make the room more relaxing and charming.

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4. Home Theater with L Sofa

source: www.lightology.com

Large L sofa is perfect for more intimate home theater. Leather brown L sofa with patterned pillows create perfect seating arrangement. The screen should be installed on the opposite of the sharp sofa angle. It provides the best viewing positions for everyone.

White ceiling and walls are perfect companions for the brown sofa. Use medium-brown wooden floor and darker carpet to complement the room. You can add additional seat row on the back to accommodate more people.

5. Home Theater with Bar Table

source: midcityeast.com

Home theater with bar combines entertainment with dining spots. The easy setup is arranging rows or semi-circular seats in front of the screen, and the bar table is installed behind the seats (slightly raised).

6. Home Theater with Large Glass Windows

Home Theater ideas for small room
source: www.pinterest.com/viraldecor

Connect home theater with the outdoor scene by installing large glass windows. You can enjoy music and good books with the curtains drawn. To enjoy movies, simply close the windows with dark, heavy draperies.

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7. Fantasy Fiction-inspired Home Theater

home theater ideas photos
source: www.futuristarchitecture.com

Fantasy fictions are popular home theater ideas. You can include the themes using color schemes, patterns, materials, or decorations. For example, include the colors of Hogwarts houses in the room, or add dragon murals in the style of The Hobbit book arts.

8. Wooden Home Theater

Home Theater design and ideas
source: homesoftherich.net

Wooden home theater creates a “Zen” feel. Use the same light shade for wooden floor, walls, and ceiling. Install modern minimalist swivel seats with warm colors to balance the wood, such as red or orange. Lantern-style wall lamps improve the atmosphere.

9. Artsy Home Theater

apartment home theater ideas
source: yourhometheatre.net

There are many ways you can create an artsy home theater. You can use a gallery-style design, with white walls, light wooden floor, and individual sofas placed on scattered spots. Place a small wooden table beside each sofa for classier snacks/drink space.

For something more casual, try “film club room” home theater. The seats consist of secondhand sofas or long chairs with recycled wooden tables. Pad the wooden floor with patterned carpets of your choice. Print large-scale classic movie posters for the walls.

10. Kid-friendly Home Theater

home theatre ideas design
source: katydidandkid.com

For families with children, kid-friendly home theater is a good idea. The floor should be padded with carpet, not only for the safety but also the soundproof acoustic. The seats can combine two bright colors, such as orange and green. Use bean bags as addition to sofas.

11. Futuristic Home Theater

home theater decor ideas
source: www.infozoneph.info

A futuristic home theater may showcase lots of gray color and sleek design elements. Instead of regular bulbs, you can use recessed light strips on the walls. Use dark grey for the ceiling, walls, and seats, but lighter shade for the floor.

Install a darker grey color behind the screen to emphasize the images. Pair dark grey block sofas with white frame tables. Install the speakers and other appliances in hidden structures under the screen.

12. Concrete Floor Home Theater

Join the concrete trend by creating concrete floor home theater. The washed grey color will look rustic but elegant. Pair it with black brick walls and dark grey sofa. Add red ottoman seat for a burst of color.

13. White Home Theater

White home theater is a classic, elegant option for a modern home. Use white walls, ceiling, and seats to adorn the space. White carpets with minimalistic black patterns add dimension in the room. Use the white sound system to balance the black screen.

Creative home theater ideas will give your house extra design perks. Enjoy your favorite movies or music in a room with a special design that matches your personality.

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