Best 10+ Modern Room Apartment Ideas for Studio Style

A studio apartment is a smart solution to save money on living space. Modern room apartment with studio style combines all functions in one space. While it may sound like a space-saving solution, you can still have fun with the design.

Studio apartment provides more opportunity to experiment with colors, furniture, and textures. You can create a beautiful living space even with limited apartment size. Here are several ideas to help you start.

1. Black and White Modern Apartment

The black and white modern apartment has a classic look that lasts for years. Be bold by combining white walls with dark furniture, or vice versa. Install several mood lightings along with the main light bulb to illuminate specific spots when needed.

To balance the black and white look, install a wooden floor with the prominent wood grain pattern. You can also install a rug with a bright color to cut through the monochromatic shade.

2. Modern Apartment with Smart Storage

Modern apartment with smart storage combines several functions in one furniture item. For example, an L sofa may be transformed into a daybed. You can also find a sofa with a hollow part under the seat for additional storage space.

Other popular storage options include a chest-style coffee table that can be opened. You can also buy the classic items, such as feet bolster or ottoman which top parts serve as the lids.

3. Larger Apartment Look with Mirrored Surfaces

Adding mirrored surfaces in a modern room apartment will create larger size illusion. A mirror is a classic option for a small room, but the reflective surface can be anything. You can install dark floor tiles that have a sleek, reflective surface.

Consider installing decorative mirrors on several spots of the walls. They give you extra spots to check your appearance and provide larger size illusion in a studio apartment.

4. Modern Apartment with Hidden Furniture

Modern apartment with hidden furniture is a convenient way to save space. Many apartments have a foldable bed that is hidden in the wall. There are now dining tables that can be pushed into the cabinet when you are not using them.

Contemporary apartments, such as the designs of Kitoko Studio, have “Swiss Army knife furniture”, in which a cabinet hides a small dining table, chair, and closet. These modern solutions are great to save space.

5.Modern Room Apartment with Sliding Doors

Modern room apartment with sliding doors is very common. Sliding doors help to reduce the space you need when opening and closing them. Normally, sliding doors are made of glass, but this material is expensive and unsuitable for a small apartment.

Wooden sliding doors can be a better alternative. Disguised as regular wall panels, these wooden doors provide smooth access to other rooms in a less conspicuous way. These wooden doors can also blend with other wooden furniture or floor.

6. Combo Furniture for Studio Apartment

Combo furniture has started to become more popular for modern room apartment. Combo furniture by Swiss designer Till Konneker, for example, combines a bed, closet, shoe rack, and TV space.

In this example, the combo furniture has the bed on top, with a metal ladder like a bunk bed. Bookshelves are arranged around the TV space, right next to a closet. The extra space below the closet is used for shoes.

7. Modern Apartment with Wall Shelves

Creating partition or walls out of shelves is a classic solution for a small apartment. Modern apartment with wall shelves creates convenience from practicality. The shelves can reach the ceiling or just high enough to create a partition.

The shelves can have a solid or hollow back, depending on the privacy level you want. However, if you have a ceiling-high shelf, use the one with solid back to prevent falling objects.

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8. Modern Apartment with Mezzanine Floor

Modern apartment with the mezzanine floor is a solution to create extra space in a small room. A mezzanine floor can be additional space for a bed, study room, or mini library. It can be accessed with curved or block stairs, depending on the height and position.

For more playful space design, make the mezzanine a room for being barefoot. Place a low desk, bookshelf, and floor mattress to create cozy space. Use the walls to make floating racks and other practical storage space.

9. Large Curtains for Apartment Room

Large curtains for apartment room eliminate the needs for “bedroom”. Instead of installing walls to separate the bedroom area, you can use large curtains that extend from ceiling to floor. The curtains are connected to the metal frame with railing above the bed.

Choose curtains with colors that contribute to the room design. For a more modern look, try installing two black and two white curtains. You can also choose light brown, grey, or blue curtains for a more relaxing look.

Modern room apartment in studio style property requires smart design planning. You can save space by using combo furniture, building a unique structure like the mezzanine floor, or playing with colors and materials. Try these ideas to create your dream apartment.

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