9 Modern Spanish Home Designs for Elegant Properties

“Spanish revival” is one of the design trends that will rise in 2019. Modern Spanish home designs combine the elegance of European architecture and the eclectic look of Mediterranean style. They look grand, classy, but warm and inviting.

Spanish architecture gives you high ceiling, hand-painted tiles, curves, wrought iron, dark wood, and terracotta elements. Here are several design ideas you can apply to create Spanish look in your properties.

1. Small Spanish Home with Garage

Modern Spanish Home
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Create a small Spanish home with garage by adding a pointed gable and curved entryway underneath. The curve can also be applied to the garage. Use red terracotta tiles and soft beige or faded yellow as the walls. Earth colors suit the Mediterranean look.

To make it look “more Spanish”, you can add a green garden with colorful border flowers. If the climate allows it, plant a small palm or even banana tree for “warm” look.

2. Mid Century Spanish Home

Modern Spanish Home decor
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Apply classic charm in a modern house with Mid-century Spanish home design. This house usually has two levels, with a circular front part that complements the curved entryway. Curved windows and red terracotta tiles complement the exterior.

Mid century homes usually have high ceilings with wood beam accents. Decorative wrought iron frames appear on balustrades and stairs or as fixtures. Warm-colored tiles make the house more charming.

3. Spanish Home with Tile Yard

modern spanish home design
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The spacious tiled yard is a common element in a modern Spanish home. The extended tiled area serves as an additional living space. Homeowners can have various functions on this tiled yard, from lunch party to family BBQ.

The tiled yard may have earthy color to evoke the soil. You can contour the tiled area to match the landscape garden or flower beds. Planting a tree in front of the yard will create a “balanced” look.

4. Modern Minimalist Spanish Home

modern spanish home plans
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Modern minimalist Spanish home combines the subtle elegance of contemporary design with classic elements. The design limits decorative elements, but retains prominent design aspects, like curved entryways and windows. The circular vent may be installed above the door.

Modern minimalist home also uses a lot of subtler colors, such as white and soft grey. However, there are specks of warm colors to provide the Mediterranean elements, like red or brown.

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5. Spanish Homes with Minimalist Interior

modern spanish home interior
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Create juxtaposition by pairing intricate exterior and minimalist interior. This modern Spanish home may have decorative wrought iron, curved entryways, and tiled backyard. However, the interior is spacious and free of unused decorations, creating an airy look.

You can use white walls with a light wooden floor and doors. Use beige for carpets and large furniture items. Textures and patterns are great to “fill” space. Clean lines, large window panels, and high ceiling with recessed lamps create the modern interior look.

6. Hillside Spanish Home with White Walls

modern spanish home exterior
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Hillside Spanish home with white walls, such as Casa Finestrat in Alicante, Spain, has a look that is both majestic and elegant. You can use curved white walls to create a modern Mediterranean look. Use flat roofing instead of tiled one to reduce the “busy” look.

The inside of the house reflects the exterior. Curved staircases and open-space concept reflect the typical houses in warm coastal regions. The house also has “social zones”, which consist of seating areas, access to outdoor view, and entertainment tools.

7. Rustic Spanish Home for Family

modern spanish home architecture
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Rustic Spanish home provides a humble but comfortable residential space, almost like a farmhouse. This design usually only has one floor, but with extended living space to accommodate a big family. Terracotta tiles and curved windows grace the exterior.

Rustic Spanish home may have extended living space in the semi-open design. For example, the terrace may function as a living room, while the backyard serves as an outdoor dining area. Rustic garden complements the whole look.

8. Spanish Home with Swimming Pool

modern spanish home images
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The swimming pool is a nice addition to a Mediterranean-style house. Spanish home with swimming pool evokes the look of lakeside houses in the country. Container pool is a cheaper, more convenient option to retain the property value.

The pool should be located in the back or side yard for more privacy. It can be a “mood pool” (with hot and cold water) for more options. Installing a deck will create more “outdoor” charm suitable for Mediterranean-style house.

9. Hacienda Design for Spanish Home

modern spanish style home
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Hacienda style has several unique design aspects. There are wrought iron and decorative stone decorations, ceiling with wooden beams and fans, and Latin American antique furniture. Hacienda design for Spanish home is ideal for the warmer region.

Hacienda homes keep everything within constraints, even if space is big. Antique furniture, wooden beams, and warm-colored tile floor may be prominent. However, the decorations are kept minimum, and there is an emphasis in open space.

Thanks to the revisited Spanish design trend, you can enjoy Mediterranean charm in a more modern setting. Modern Spanish home designs allow homeowners to enjoy wide space and warm colors, but without being oppressed by too many details.




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