15+ Stylish Modern TV Stand Ideas for Small Spaces

A TV stand in the living room can be a great focal point as well to function as storages and displays. You may need to have several modern TV stand ideas especially if you want to have a complete entertainment center in your house.

Pouring the idea into reality may not be as easy if you have limited space. There are tips and tricks that you can do to make it come true. Spacing, colors, and lighting need to be planned so that the area does not only appealing but also functioning well.

Modern TV Stand Design for Entertainment Area

What appliances of entertainment that you have—a Blu-ray player, a PlayStation, or maybe the latest XBOX? Do you want to make the appliances visible or out of sight? To answer the questions, let us take a look at these modern TV stand ideas below:

TV Stand with Floor-to-Wall Cabinet

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source: ikea.com

The floor-to-wall cabinet is a good idea especially if you have many electronics to store. The storage area can be divided into 2 parts, the upper and lower part. The TV and other electronic appliances are displayed on the lower part of the cabinet.

While the upper cabinet or shelves may be used to store your Blu-ray collections and other things that are rarely used, if you have children around, make sure that smaller things go on top so that it is out of their reach. With the right arrangement, the floor-to-wall would help you in organizing a limited space.

Use Open Shelving

modern tv stand console
source: preciolandia.com

Open shelving for a modern TV stand for the living room would not only make the room feels spacious, but you can also arrange the items along with proper decorations. This type of shelving is also suitable for those who prefer simplicity in designs.

One thing to remember is that the open shelves tend to be dusty over time. Make sure that you keep an eye on its cleanness to maintain the look of your living room’s entertainment center.

Not only electronic appliances, but you can also display some books on the shelves—creating a diverse aspect of digital technology with the look of papers surely will give your living room a dynamic look.

Geometric Cabinet Designs with No Handles

modern tv stands wall mount
source: craftidea.org

Sharp and sleek lines are the key to modern TV stand ideas. Geometric style sometimes features diagonal or crossing lines. Most of this type of cabinet is also built with no handles so that the surfaces are clean from any accessories.

With the modern geometric cabinets, you can play with just any materials—wood, glass, metal; you name it. To make it look tidier, hide all the cables by using cable trays or boxes. Good cable management will determine the look of your modern TV stand décor.

Make It Looks Neat with a Floating Cabinet

modern tv stand furniture
source: pinterest.com/karolinabranley

A floating TV stand is also another item to make your living room looks modern. Some people also choose this kind of cabinet because it is safer for kids. Though it tends to save the space, the floating TV cabinet also stores less than the normal TV stand.

If you don’t have too many devices on hand, the floating TV stand can be a perfect choice. To keep the area in one theme, you may also mount the TV above the cabinet. With the right choice of color, your living room will look great with this type of TV stand.

A Single Cabinet for a Rustic Look

modern tv stands white lacquer
source: www.wayfair.com

Who else thinks that rustic is the new modern? Though the style has been around for a while, the right design of rustic furniture still looks chic and modern. You can use the classical cabinet with a natural wood color as a TV stand.

To add a sense of modernity, choose a cabinet with fewer drawers and open shelves. If possible, arrange the devices according to their color and sizes. Also, it is important to choose a cabinet that is wider than your TV to keep the visual balance.

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Creating a Functional Entertainment Area with Modern TV stands Furniture

Modern TV stand ideas for a living room should accommodate both the style and the function. To do that, make sure that you don’t skip some of these tips:

Mount the TV

Mounting the TV to the wall would create a modern look for your living room. Even when you have a wall-mounted TV, the TV stand should also be employed to add safety and for the sake of the appearance.

Make a Proportional Storage

Adjust the things that you want to display with the size of the cabinets and shelves. Some people want to minimize the storage area without knowing that they have too many electronics to handle. Thorough planning of buying the right size of TV stand should solve this problem.

Combine It with Decoration

Avoid looking dull and boring by adding some décor around the wall behind the TV stand or on the shelves you have. Arranging flower pots, succulents, pictures, and paintings can be beautiful additions to your entertainment corner.

Bellow is a collection of contemporary TV stand design ideas for your house.










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