25+ Great Shipping Container Swimming Pool and Their Benefits

If you want to have a pool, but balk at the price and installation problems, why not buy a Shipping container swimming pool? This pool is ideal for people who have problems with land contour. You can order a pool, and it will be manufacturer on-site or beforehand.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool Benefits

Shipping Container Swimming pool is not just a metal box with water poured in. This pool is constructed and equipped to make homeowners more comfortable when using it. Here are several container swimming pool benefits:

1. Various Size Options

You get more diverse size options when choosing a container pool. Their sizes range from 12 feet to 20 feet.

2. Cheaper than Conventional Pool

Container pools have more affordable prices than conventional ones (with same sizes). It is also more profitable if you want to keep the property value.

3. More Practical and Convenient

Container pool is assembled professionally, either on-site or by the manufacturer. You don’t need to wait long after the order to enjoy it.

The modern container swimming pool also has great features, such as metal frames, swim current (for the narrow pool), and multiple depth levels.

25+ Shipping Container Swimming Pool Designs

Here are 25+ Shipping container swimming pool designs you can find at the market:

1. Round Container Swimming Pool

Round Container Swimming Pool
Source: peterboroughphantoms.com

If you only need a pool for relaxing (not serious swimming), a round container swimming pool can be your choice. It comes in various sizes, and the shape is more comforting for lounging around. You can also install a heater for Jacuzzi function.

2. Narrow Square Container Pools

Narrow Square Container Pool
Source: www.pinterest.com/HomeDSGN

This container pool is designed for the narrow backyard. The pool is shaped like a narrow strip, with a deck attached as access. The pool may be parallel with the soil or standing higher. This pool usually has the filter system at one of the ends of the square.

3. Glass Container Swimming Pool

Glass Container Swimming Pool
Source: www.duajayasentosa.com

Glass container swimming pool has fortified acrylic glass panel on one (or all) of its side. The transparent panel reduces the bulky look of a preassembled pool. It also provides good aesthetic, since the blue or turquoise water matches its surrounding design.

Glass container pool is often assembled in public for certain goals, such as competition, games, or shows.

4. Infinity Container Pool

Infinity Container Swimming Pool
Source: luxuryretreats.com

Infinity container pool has “edgeless” model. It is usually built on the extended part of the land, such as near the cliff edge or hilly plot. The construction is usually expensive, but it provides a cool touch to your property.

5. Divided Container Pool

Divided Container swimming Pool
Source: steelerslounge.com

If there are people with different heights or swimming skills at home, you can divide the pool for them. The divided container swimming pool has two sections, which are the shallow and deep ones. The shallowest part is usually located near a stair for safety.

6. The “Mood Pool”

Mood container Pool
Source: modpools.com

“Mood pool” is a container pool with two sections; one is a regular pool, and the other is a hot water pool with heater. This is a perfect option for those who want to have options in their pools.

The mood pool can be installed indoor or outdoor. It is expensive because of the extra space, materials, and appliances required to create two pool temperatures. However, if you live in four-season countries with extremely cold weather, this is a good pool to have.

7. Container Pool with Patio

Container swimming Pool with Patio
Source: www.beeyoutifullife.com

Container pool with patio has an extra area next to it for patio deck. The patio is usually constructed of wooden panels since they are quite light but able to withstand burdens. The patio may be floating or parallel with the soil.

You can place additional stuff with extra patio space. For example, you may place a lounger chair and umbrella. You can also place a small table with two light chairs. Make sure to understand the burden limit if your patio is constructed high above the ground.

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8. Container Pool with Glass Cover

shipping Container swimming Pool with Glass Cover
Source: midcityeast.com

Tarp sheet is usually enough to cover a container pool. However, some pools have a glass cover on sturdy frames above the pool. They are more expensive than a tarp and requiring additional construction projects to install. However, they provide better protection for the pool.

This glass cover is thick and able to withstand temperature differences. Perfect for outdoor pools in areas that have extreme temperature differences. They usually come with a sliding door-like mechanism for easier operation.

9. Multilevel Container Swimming Pools

Multilevel Container swimming pools
Source: www.kahode.com

Multilevel container swimming pools are usually built on the hilly area or high ground. The multilevel shape accommodates the uneven soil surface. It is also ideal to maximize space in a small area.

Multilevel pools are common at commercial places or holiday accommodations. They can be built with certain features, such as Jacuzzi space or infinity-style edge. They provide adequate space for swimming while maximizing the narrow, uneven space.

Container pool is the best option to optimize a narrow area, either at home or commercial place. It is easy to construct, and you can retain the property value. The container swimming pool is a great solution for convenient, cheap, and modern pool.

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