12 Best Small Living Room Decorating Ideas That Work

Living Room Decorating Ideas – No one is lucky enough to have a large, spacious room to hold a reception. If you live in an apartment or a house with a small living room, it’s always a mindful job to arrange everything; where to put the sofa, how to get enough traffic space, how can I get the light in, et cetera.

To help you out, here are the 12 best small living room decorating ideas that work.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Small Living Room Decorating
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Well, I know it doesn’t change the size of a room, but placing a mirror as your wall decoration can create such a spacious feeling. Put the mirror on the center or focal point in the room and near the window, so it can reflect as much light as possible and give the illusion of you seeing the reflection, which makes it appear larger.

Keep Everything Linear

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No bubbles and plumps; instead, choose decorative things that are linear. For example, put a geometric-styled ottoman in monochrome color or upholstery with linear print for your chair. This way, the linear prints can create an illusion of length and width while improving the structure for small living room decorating ideas.

Small Room, Small Stuff

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Don’t get too stubborn by choosing your favorite antique clock bell to display in your small living room; you don’t have enough space for that. Choosing furniture need visual weight consideration. If space doesn’t allow, choose a loveseat instead of a couch; armless chairs or a small coffee table can do the trick.

Horizontal Lining Coverages

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If a room has a small space, try to make it appear larger by using horizontal linings wallpaper. Moreover, the horizontal wallpaper can have the effect of elongated and stretching illusion for small living room decorating ideas. It doesn’t have to come in monochromatic color; instead, you can play with different colors to add sophistication.

Floor to Ceiling Drapery

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Attaching floor to ceiling drapes also makes a stylish way to achieve small living room decorating ideas on a budget that it will draw the eyes upward. Use long curtain to cover the windows that can instantly improve height in a room space. Hang it right where your wall interacts with the ceiling, and let the rest slightly muddled on the floor.

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Small to Midsize Work of Art

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While you don’t want to cramp the whole room using furniture, the best way in small living room decorating ideas is using small to midsize artwork. It should be hanging so it won’t take that much space. A striking painting or photo illustration can create a distraction and draw the visual beyond the eye-level space and make a room feel greater than its actual size.

Go Bold For Pattern

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This is the expert’s eye on small living room decorating ideas; small patterns only make a room smaller. Play with your creativity and choose a bold, daring pattern to decorate the space.

Go beyond a wall coverage and cover the ceiling as well to expand the maximum look of the space; a small room allows you to go loose with any pattern because they’re still contained.

One for All

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It’s one for all but not all for one. When you think of certain furniture, think one that can serve multiple purposes. For example, an ottoman table with hidden storage beneath is more useful; a foldable chair can also help improve the traffic area without compromising quality.

Layering with Lights

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To create layering lights, you need to stack up everything at multiple levels. For example, attach a big or floor to ceiling windows with multiple panels, and keeping lights at multiple layers using chandeliers, task lights, and floor lamps. This way, you’ll get the impact of the well-lit room and a warm atmosphere.

Lose Some Legs

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If you’re thinking of maximizing the room space, consider legs-free furniture for small living decorating ideas on a budget. Choose pieces that can be directly attached to the wall, floating stuff like shelves and storage can function beautifully and clear up the floor space for you to operate or adding other pieces that need to be on the ground.

Paint in Neutral or Monochromatic

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The good thing about going for monochromatic is simplicity. You can’t make the small living room appears to overcrowd by putting too many different colors; monochromatic creates a nice clean finish look instead. If you don’t fancy the black and white thing, go for neutral colors like brown. They’re great enough to provide additional illumination by reflecting the light.

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