8 Terrific Ideas to Decorate Teenage Girl Bedroom

You know that one design may fit all, but not in the girls’ bedroom. Unlike the boys that, more often than not, say OK to anything, decorating your teenage girl bedroom can be a tricky job. You may bring some pinky polish to the table, but wait until she decides to use or not use it.

The key is to work it out is to talk through with your daughter and work together to create a beautiful decoration. If you’re struggling to find one that matches, here’s our top 8 teenage girl bedroom ideas.

Teenage Girl Bedroom; Create a Hangout Area

teenage girl bedroom ideas
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Within 24 hours, there’s a chance that ⅔ of your girl’s time is spent in their bedroom. It is essential to create a multi-purpose room where they can sleep, dressing up, holding a pajamas party, etc. in most convenient.

A comfortable hangout area where she can chill and talk out with friends is as essential as your comfy living room. If you have space, place a sofa in the corner or use a rug with oversized pillows to relax.

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Adding The Glamorous Touch

teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas
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Adding the glamorous touch won’t hurt anybody. You can create a little twinkle on the ceiling using a crystal chandelier, placing a unique upholstery with fur for a nice swipe on the feet in your teenage girl bedroom decor.

Choosing the right color tone can also help to enhance the overall look of a room. The glamorous colors like blue sapphire, purple, and a gold-painted wall are luxurious enough in the bedroom. Remember not to make anything too empowering by choosing the furniture that can balance the atmosphere.

Cover Up with Upholstery

teenage girl bedroom curtains
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This is where you can create a feeling of rustic design in teenage girl bedroom ideas tumblr. Try to cover up one side of the room with a large upholstery that has a unique pattern. The most common choice is using a Turkish-style upholstery (be sure to choose the thin one) and create a beautiful flow.

Combine the decoration with other rustic-feeling furniture like a wooden cupboard, canary paintings, and decorative lamps on the walls. Hang a dreamcatcher on the top of the bed frame to complement the decor.

Bright Florals for A Feminine Touch

teenage girl bedroom paint ideas
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It’s girly enough without being too much, the bright floral colors and patterns are perfect for teenage girl bedroom decoration. Some serious bed cover in a floral pattern is enough, but you can stretch the length by adding several other touches.

Paint the walls using pink and blue floral combination will do the job, and you can also put a floral curtain or some decorative flourishes to please the visual. Floral patterns leave the playful finish you need without leaving overpowering feeling.

Don’t Let Her Slack Off Her Study

teenage girl bedroom wall stickers
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The majority of bedroom designing only pays attention to the decorative aspect and not enough on the functionality. Your teenage girl bedroom needs a study space to help her do the homework or serve as a reading area.

If you have enough space, place a study table along with a chair and a study lamp. If not, equip the room with a folding table so she can do the homework on the carpet or the bed, which makes it more versatile.

Teenage Girl Bedroom; Wallpaper Is A Saver

teenage girl bedroom color schemes
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You see, a teenage girl can change her mind anytime. One minute she wants the flowers, the next one she wants the lines and the easiest way to deal with such mind-changing is using a wallpaper. This way, you don’t have to strip the paint and repaint the wall at any moment.

The key to choose the correct wallpaper is by referring to a personal style. Ask your daughter if she desires a specific pattern; the vertical lines can make a room appear higher, and the large patterns will make your room a little bit crampy.

Place A Standout Piece of Furniture

teenage girl bedroom desks
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If you want to make a statement, a piece of standout furniture may help you imply the visual. Some hand-me-down furniture, an old one that passes down from generation can add to the uniqueness of a room.

The better idea is placing a large, round bed instead of a boring square one as teenage girl bedroom furniture. You may also place a tall cupboard in the corner or her favorite furniture that has a striking color. It will pop at once and draw attention at once.

Teenage-Themed Work of Art

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One great thing to decorate your teenage girl bedroom ideas is using a work of art(s). Pick one that the girl loves, be it a picture of her favorite singer, movie actor, and the likes. Put it in a frame and hang on the side of the wall.

If your girl loves painting, her work of art will add to the identity of the room, apart from creating a beautiful visual.

That’s our best plan to help you with decorating a teenage girl bedroom. Remember to keep everything sedate and restful with a specific signature of what she loves.

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