4 Ingenious Wall Mounted Entertainment Center that Looks Trendy (with Photo Galery)

If you ask what the reason for having a wall-mounted entertainment center is, safety is surely one of them. In 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that there were around 17,000 cases of injury caused by televisions and TV stands.

The injuries involved the TV’s instability especially the older models of television, and most of the victims are children. They tend to be active and more likely to climb around the TV cabinets. Before you know, they have dropped or tipped over something.

Due to that reason, replacing the old TV stand with a floating entertainment center should be an idea to consider. Besides safety, that kind of entertainment center would also look decently modern for your living room.

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Entertainment Wall Units: The Ideas

Say goodbye to bulky furniture; TV stands are now utilizing clean lines and sleek style. The entertainment center designs are more compact and practical especially with the use of the floating cabinets.

The trend is also supported by the fact that most of the TV available on the market is now has thinner designs than the old CRT TV. This kind of TV often comes with a bracket and mounting that can be attached directly to the wall.

1. Wall-Mounted Media Console

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To accommodate the wall-mounted TV, you can also use the wall-mounted media console. Some models feature a long rectangular cabinet that is mounted using bolts and strong studs.

The best thing about this type of media console is that it looks neat because it hides away your devices inside the cabinet. The cables are also managed through the back of the furniture to keep it out of sight.

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2. Floating Cabinet with Built-In Lightings

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Lightings are just as important as the cabinet design itself. Placing built-in yellow or neon lights on the floating cabinet would give a unique look for your living room. In this matter, LED lights work best for the cabinet details because it lasts longer and consumes less electricity.

3. All-In-One Particle Board

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Some people want to keep it simple by ordering an all-in-one particle board. The particle board consists of a large panel, a floating cabinet, and shelves on the sides. The TV should be mounted on the center of the panel while working as the focal point for the area.

However, to keep it safe, you will want to make sure that the bolts are installed in the right places. It will secure the particle board on its place especially when you display many devices and accessories on the shelves and drawers.

4. Additional Shelving

Aside from having a floating cabinet that matches with your wall-mounted TV, you might want to add additional shelving. The shelves can be installed on the TV side or above it. Furthermore, it will give the living room extra storage for things like disks, books, and devices.

Keep it Safe for The Whole Family

In installing the wall-mounted entertainment center, you will have to pay attention to the little things. If needed, you can contact a professional service to do the job. Or, if you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have assistance around.

Below are some of the small aspects that you have to consider when installing the entertainment wall units in your house:

1. The Right Mount and Finding the House’s Studs

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The construction of your house consists of the structures that are known as studs. If you are putting bolts to mount the TV brackets or floating cabinet, it is important that you find the studs first before starting to screw the bolts.

Neglecting the studs in placing the bolts would ruin your wall and would not create strong support for the furniture. The standard size between a house’s studs is between 16 – 24 inches apart. Once you find the first stud, you can easily find another one on that range.

After you are sure about the studs, the next thing to choose is the suitable bolts and mounting. The TV manufacturers usually have a recommendation or even produce their mounting for a particular type of TV.

It is indeed safer for you to buy the original mounting and brackets to prevent the TV from installing incorrectly. Please also note that there are different mounts for concrete, wood, board, and other wall materials.

Well-Managed Cables

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With a lot of devices and appliances, imagine the cable that would go around your wall mounted entertainment center. To deal with this issue, use a cable tray or box to accommodate the cable routes.

Making a good cable management system is the basic answer to create a neat and tidy look for your entertainment center. Besides that, hidden cables would also be safer for the whole family.

Redoing the entertainment center would be an amazing makeover for the house. With fewer prints on the floor, a wall-mounted entertainment center would give a modern and minimalist appearance for your living room.

Here are amazing photo galery of Wall-Mounted Entertainment Center:

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