Top 15+ Modern Wrought Iron Doors for an Elegant Entry to Your House

Redesigning your front door is indeed a good idea if you want to give a new look for your house. There are many types of entrance door designs, and types that you can use, and one of them is the wrought iron doors.

A front door design would create the appeal of the house’s façade and entrance. This is why many people invest in expensive doors as well as to get a higher level of security. A wrought iron door would give you both the appearance and the sturdiness.

Wrought Iron Designs for Front Doors

Wood and glass would be the best pairs for wrought iron. Whether you are choosing light or dark tone on the colors, you may find one of these front iron doors designs below match with the whole concept of your house.

1. Classical Style of Wrought Iron Mold

wrought iron doors atlanta ga

House experts agreed that wrought iron has a long history of craftsmanship. The value of the item is on the complexity of the work. Taken back to the early time when the technique was found, a classical, medieval time would give an authentic look for your house.

The style involves curvy lines with arrows, crosses, and swirls. The fact that the medieval version of the wrought iron was usually installed in its raw color, you can modify to make it look brighter by applying other colors like white and gold for the finishes.

2. Contemporary Style

wrought iron doors and gates

Not sure if arrows and swirls fit your style? Choosing a contemporary style for your wrought iron doors and windows might be the right choice. The modern style of wrought iron has cleaner and bolder lines with less intricate details.

The style consists of sleek and straight edges and sometimes is combined with other material such as glass and wood. This contemporary wrought iron mold is the most flexible style regarding its pattern and color.

3. Shabby Chic

wrought Iron Door gate

The term shabby chic was first used and popularized by The World of Interior magazine in the 1980s. It features a feminine style of designs and pattern. Besides linen and flowery fabrics, the design also uses wrought iron.

You can use the shabby chic pattern on the wrought iron doors especially if you want to apply a softer type of mold. It is usually painted in white with details like swirls, flowers, and cage-like shapes.

4. Pop Culture-Inspired

wrought iron doors for wine cellar

If you’re into eclectic style, why not ask the craftsmen to make something that is inspired by the pop culture. Certain symbols from your favorite movies can be a great idea. Or, you would want to make your house looks like a Hobbit house with curved edges and swirling wrought iron on the surface of the door.

5. Personalized Wrought Iron

wrought Iron Door furniture

The best thing about wrought iron doors is that the design is absolutely yours to decide. Requesting your family’s initial or the house’s number would make the door more personalized.

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Taking Care of Wrought Iron Doors and Windows

Though popular for its durability, wrought iron doors still need to be maintained especially after a long humid or wet season. The long duration of exposure to water may create rust and deteriorate the material. To make it last longer, you can apply one of these tips.

1. Clean the Iron Doors and Windows Using Vegetable-based Soap

That alkaline on the soap works gently on iron so that it would not make any stain. After wiping the whole door with a mixture of soap and water, rinse it off with water and wipe dry.

2. Repaint the Door Every Once in a While

Rainwater tends to be acidic—that is why it creates rust and flakes on the iron. To maintain the door, you might want to scrub the rust off and apply a newer layer of paint.

3. Use a Combination of Wrought Iron with other Material

wrought Iron Door latch

The wrought iron may last longer than the other materials. If you use a combination of wrought iron with materials like wood or glass, make sure that you also pay attention to it. For example, wood needs to be refinished with varnish so that it can endure the weather. For glass material, wiping it daily with the right cleaner would keep it from molds.

Besides on front doors and windows, wrought iron can also be an excellent material for gates and outdoor furniture. However, you might need extra protection like antirust varnish to keep those items from rusting.

Front iron doors are not outdated. The flexibility and the possibility of turning the iron door into unique designs would give a sense of personality to your house. Please note that this iron door would likely to be heavy, so you would want to add an extra safety feature if you have children around the house.

So, are you ready to give a new look to your house? Choose the design and consult the nearest wrought iron craftsman around you!

Here are more inspiration wrought iron doors for you.

Photo by Heavenly Homes


Photo by Allan Malouf Studio


Photo by Hanna Homes


Photo by Andreozzi Architecture


Photo by AM Dolce Vita


Photo by Louise Jones


Photo by Patricia Gorman Associates, Inc.


Photo by Miller + Miller Architectural Photography


Photo by Tatum Building Corp

Classy stone exterior residence image in Dallas.

Photo by Leslie Owen Persohn

Tuscan dining room design in Orange County with white wall surfaces Wine cabinet developed into a cubbyhole.

Photo by Hostetler Custom Cabinetry

Personalized developed bar including an integrated wrought iron door.

Photo by Larry E. Boerder Architects

Classy entryway picture in Dallas with a black front door. Base panels with different equipment.

Photo by Dylan Chappell Architects


Photo by James Glover Residential

Motivation for a mediterranean single front door remodel in Orange Area with a metal front door. I Love the iron around the door structure.

Photo by Choice Wood Company


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