8 Terrific Ideas to Decorate Teenage Girl Bedroom

You know that one design may fit all, but not in the girls’ bedroom. Unlike the boys that, more often than not, say OK to anything, decorating your teenage girl bedroom can be a tricky job. You may bring some pinky polish to the table, but wait until she decides to use or not use it.

The key is to work it out is to talk through with your daughter and work together to create a beautiful decoration. If you’re struggling to find one that matches, here’s our top 8 teenage girl bedroom ideas.

Create a Hangout Area

Within 24 hours, there’s a chance that ⅔ of your girl’s time is spent in their bedroom. It is essential to create a multi-purpose room where they can sleep, dressing up, holding a pajamas party, etc. in most convenient.

A comfortable hangout area where she can chill and talk out with friends is as essential as your comfy living room. If you have space, place a sofa in the corner or use a rug with oversized pillows to relax.

Adding The Glamorous Touch

Adding the glamorous touch won’t hurt anybody. You can create a little twinkle on the ceiling using a crystal chandelier, placing a unique upholstery with fur for a nice swipe on the feet in your teenage girl bedroom decor.

Choosing the right color tone can also help to enhance the overall look of a room. The glamorous colors like blue sapphire, purple, and a gold-painted wall are luxurious enough in the bedroom. Remember not to make anything too empowering by choosing the furniture that can balance the atmosphere.

Cover Up with Upholstery

This is where you can create a feeling of rustic design in teenage girl bedroom ideas tumblr. Try to cover up one side of the room with a large upholstery that has a unique pattern. The most common choice is using a Turkish-style upholstery (be sure to choose the thin one) and create a beautiful flow.

Combine the decoration with other rustic-feeling furniture like a wooden cupboard, canary paintings, and decorative lamps on the walls. Hang a dreamcatcher on the top of the bed frame to complement the decor.

Bright Florals for A Feminine Touch

It’s girly enough without being too much, the bright floral colors and patterns are perfect for teenage girl bedroom decoration. Some serious bed cover in a floral pattern is enough, but you can stretch the length by adding several other touches.

Paint the walls using pink and blue floral combination will do the job, and you can also put a floral curtain or some decorative flourishes to please the visual. Floral patterns leave the playful finish you need without leaving overpowering feeling.

Don’t Let Her Slack Off Her Study

The majority of bedroom designing only pays attention to the decorative aspect and not enough on the functionality. Your teenage girl bedroom needs a study space to help her do the homework or serve as a reading area.

If you have enough space, place a study table along with a chair and a study lamp. If not, equip the room with a folding table so she can do the homework on the carpet or the bed, which makes it more versatile.

Wallpaper Is A Saver

You see, a teenage girl can change her mind anytime. One minute she wants the flowers, the next one she wants the lines and the easiest way to deal with such mind-changing is using a wallpaper. This way, you don’t have to strip the paint and repaint the wall at any moment.

The key to choose the correct wallpaper is by referring to a personal style. Ask your daughter if she desires a specific pattern; the vertical lines can make a room appear higher, and the large patterns will make your room a little bit crampy.

Place A Standout Piece of Furniture

If you want to make a statement, a piece of standout furniture may help you imply the visual. Some hand-me-down furniture, an old one that passes down from generation can add to the uniqueness of a room.

The better idea is placing a large, round bed instead of a boring square one as teenage girl bedroom furniture. You may also place a tall cupboard in the corner or her favorite furniture that has a striking color. It will pop at once and draw attention at once.

Teenage-Themed Work of Art

One great thing to decorate your teenage girl bedroom ideas is using a work of art(s). Pick one that the girl loves, be it a picture of her favorite singer, movie actor, and the likes. Put it in a frame and hang on the side of the wall.

If your girl loves painting, her work of art will add to the identity of the room, apart from creating a beautiful visual.

That’s our best plan to help you with decorating a teenage girl bedroom. Remember to keep everything sedate and restful with a specific signature of what she loves.

9 Creative Coastal DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Improve Your Patio

There’s no better day than an afternoon of you enjoying the sunset with a view of magnificent waves and seagulls flying off the beach; there’s no better way to enjoy such day than from a comfy patio or deck. Draw some inspiration from our list of 9 coastal-themed DIY outdoor furniture for an enjoyable patio.

A Wooden Bench

A wooden bench not only makes a piece of perfect furniture for a park but also for the coastal-themed patio. It’s simple, easy to make even if you are a novice wood crafter and you can find inspiration from cottage-style, island gateway, or the seaside comfy.

The simplest bench only needs 4 boards and 18 screws that’ll cost you less than $30. To add comfort, you can put a cushion on top and armrests.

An Upholstered Footrest

There’s a better way to help you stretch better than using a cushioned, comfortably-upholstered footrest. It’s more enjoyable to read a book or chat with your families when you can place yourself in the most relaxed way.

The footrest is made of raw wood with the same technique of building a bench. Cover the seat with a layer of muslin fabric, then attached burlap or velvet or any material you desire.

Wooden Spool Coastal Table

This one is a really simple DIY outdoor furniture plan with a nautical theme. You can take an old wooden spool from the local construction shop or other hardware shops. Polish the used spool with sea colors like broken white, turquoise, aqua, or light blue. Add some embellishment on the edge of the round top using ropes or sea-themed accessories.

DIY Ceramic Beach Table

Well, I’m not saying you should actually build a ceramic table from scratch, instead of simply use the used planter or an old vase that is beautifully carved on its sides.

There’s no hammer or screw required, no hard work whatsoever; all you need to do is fill in the planter with the sand beach, place ornamental nautical accessories like seashells, sea star, and gravel, then cover the top using glass. Voila! You have your patio beautifully decorated.

A Private Gateway with Pergola and Benches

Simple DIY outdoor furniture projects will provide you with more privacy when you build a pergola or arbor and benches.

Make an L-shaped arbor from pressure-treated wood and turn the corner area into a green leafy garden amidst the blue coastal atmosphere. The treated wood is highly durable and can last forever, but you need to cover it using penetrating stain for an appealing furniture-like design. The built-in benches are attached to the arbor with cushioned top to make it more relaxed.

Rope-Wrapped Planter with Coastal Touch

The next simplest DIY outdoor furniture to make is a rope-wrapped planter. No significant amount of money to spend, no stay up late to finish, and no dirty hard work to do.

You can purchase clay planter from the nearest shop and a roll of rope. Use the hot glue to wrap the planter from top to bottom, circling until it’s fully covered. Then, paint the outer using coastal colors and attach sea-themed decoration.

A Mason Jar Wind Chimes

It is Not only nautical, but also rustic. The beautiful decorative wind chimes will add an interesting touch on your DIY outdoor furniture ideas. You’ll need a mason jar with lid, ½-inch thick scrap wood smaller than the lid, eye screws, a clear string (a fishing line will do), a bottle cutter, as well as beads and chains or charms.

Cut the jar into two then submerge in the cold water, and clean the parts using candles, creates holes around and screw the wood onto the lid with a hook for hanging purpose. The last step is adding a chain to the eye screw and the beads. You can also change the beads with small gravels or seashells.

A Fire Table to Warm Up

A fire table makes an amazing addition to your outdoor furniture because, you know, the night can be so chilly in the coastal area.

This fire table requires a burner to be installed in the middle of the table, and you must build the frame to fit the burner with spare space surrounding it.

It’s a piece of interesting DIY outdoor furniture and creates a stylish centerpiece for your coastal-themed patio.

A Stylish Tip-Top Table with Tiles

I must tell you that the last DIY outdoor furniture plans require multiple skills and hard work, but it’s worth the effort.

You will have to combine woodcraft, metalwork, and tiling skills. Some set tools are required including plywood, mosaic tiles or tiles with any pattern you like, and metal piece. In general, this craft will cost between $100 to $500 and can be finished within 5 days or more.

There you have the 9 creative ways of making your patio more “alive” with DIY outdoor furniture. Some of them are simple, and some require pretty intense effort. Either way, coastal-themed furniture is the best way of making your decoration looks pretty.

4 Ingenious Wall-Mounted Entertainment Center that Looks Trendy (with Photo Galery)

If you ask what the reason for having a wall-mounted entertainment center is, safety is surely one of them. In 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that there were around 17,000 cases of injury caused by televisions and TV stands.

The injuries involved the TV’s instability especially the older models of television, and most of the victims are children. They tend to be active and more likely to climb around the TV cabinets. Before you know, they have dropped or tipped over something.

Due to that reason, replacing the old TV stand with a floating entertainment center should be an idea to consider. Besides safety, that kind of entertainment center would also look decently modern for your living room.

Entertainment wall units: The Ideas

Say goodbye to bulky furniture; TV stands are now utilizing clean lines and sleek style. The entertainment center designs are more compact and practical especially with the use of the floating cabinets.

The trend is also supported by the fact that most of the TV available on the market is now has thinner designs than the old CRT TV. This kind of TV often comes with a bracket and mounting that can be attached directly to the wall.

1. Wall-Mounted Media Console

To accommodate the wall-mounted TV, you can also use the wall-mounted media console. Some models feature a long rectangular cabinet that is mounted using bolts and strong studs.

The best thing about this type of media console is that it looks neat because it hides away your devices inside the cabinet. The cables are also managed through the back of the furniture to keep it out of sight.

2. Floating Cabinet with Built-In Lightings

Lightings are just as important as the cabinet design itself. Placing built-in yellow or neon lights on the floating cabinet would give a unique look for your living room. In this matter, LED lights work best for the cabinet details because it lasts longer and consumes less electricity.

3. All-In-One Particle Board

Some people want to keep it simple by ordering an all-in-one particle board. The particle board consists of a large panel, a floating cabinet, and shelves on the sides. The TV should be mounted on the center of the panel while working as the focal point for the area.

However, to keep it safe, you will want to make sure that the bolts are installed in the right places. It will secure the particle board on its place especially when you display many devices and accessories on the shelves and drawers.

4. Additional Shelving

Aside from having a floating cabinet that matches with your wall-mounted TV, you might want to add additional shelving. The shelves can be installed on the TV side or above it. Furthermore, it will give the living room extra storage for things like disks, books, and devices.

Keep it Safe for The Whole Family

In installing the wall-mounted entertainment center, you will have to pay attention to the little things. If needed, you can contact a professional service to do the job. Or, if you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have assistance around.

Below are some of the small aspects that you have to consider when installing the entertainment wall units in your house:

The Right Mount and Finding the House’s Studs

The construction of your house consists of the structures that are known as studs. If you are putting bolts to mount the TV brackets or floating cabinet, it is important that you find the studs first before starting to screw the bolts.

Neglecting the studs in placing the bolts would ruin your wall and would not create strong support for the furniture. The standard size between a house’s studs is between 16 – 24 inches apart. Once you find the first stud, you can easily find another one on that range.

After you are sure about the studs, the next thing to choose is the suitable bolts and mounting. The TV manufacturers usually have a recommendation or even produce their mounting for a particular type of TV.

It is indeed safer for you to buy the original mounting and brackets to prevent the TV from installing incorrectly. Please also note that there are different mounts for concrete, wood, board, and other wall materials.

Well-Managed Cables

With a lot of devices and appliances, imagine the cable that would go around your wall mounted entertainment center. To deal with this issue, use a cable tray or box to accommodate the cable routes.

Making a good cable management system is the basic answer to create a neat and tidy look for your entertainment center. Besides that, hidden cables would also be safer for the whole family.

Redoing the entertainment center would be an amazing makeover for the house. With fewer prints on the floor, a wall-mounted entertainment center would give a modern and minimalist appearance for your living room.

Here are amazing photo galery of Wall-Mounted Entertainment Center:


















25+ Great Container Swimming Pools and Their Benefits

If you want to have a pool, but balk at the price and installation problems, why not buy a container swimming pool? This pool is ideal for people who have problems with land contour. You can order a pool, and it will be manufacturer on-site or beforehand.

Container Swimming Pool Benefits

Container Swimming pool is not just a metal box with water poured in. This pool is constructed and equipped to make homeowners more comfortable when using it. Here are several container swimming pool benefits:

1. Various Size Options

You get more diverse size options when choosing a container pool. Their sizes range from 12 feet to 20 feet.

2. Cheaper than Conventional Pool

Container pools have more affordable prices than conventional ones (with same sizes). It is also more profitable if you want to keep the property value.

3. More Practical and Convenient

Container pool is assembled professionally, either on-site or by the manufacturer. You don’t need to wait long after the order to enjoy it.

The modern container swimming pool also has great features, such as metal frames, swim current (for the narrow pool), and multiple depth levels.

25+ Container Swimming Pool Designs

Here are 25+ container swimming pool designs you can find at the market:

1. Round Container Swimming Pool

Round Container Swimming Pool
Source: peterboroughphantoms.com

If you only need a pool for relaxing (not serious swimming), a round container swimming pool can be your choice. It comes in various sizes, and the shape is more comforting for lounging around. You can also install a heater for Jacuzzi function.

2. Narrow Square Container Pool

Narrow Square Container Pool
Source: www.pinterest.com/HomeDSGN

This container pool is designed for the narrow backyard. The pool is shaped like a narrow strip, with a deck attached as access. The pool may be parallel with the soil or standing higher. This pool usually has the filter system at one of the ends of the square.

3. Glass Container Swimming Pool

Glass Container Swimming Pool
Source: www.duajayasentosa.com

Glass container swimming pool has fortified acrylic glass panel on one (or all) of its side. The transparent panel reduces the bulky look of a preassembled pool. It also provides good aesthetic, since the blue or turquoise water matches its surrounding design.

Glass container pool is often assembled in public for certain goals, such as competition, games, or shows.

4. Infinity Container Pool

Infinity Container Swimming Pool
Source: luxuryretreats.com

Infinity container pool has “edgeless” model. It is usually built on the extended part of the land, such as near the cliff edge or hilly plot. The construction is usually expensive, but it provides a cool touch to your property.

5. Divided Container Pool

Divided Container swimming Pool
Source: steelerslounge.com

If there are people with different heights or swimming skills at home, you can divide the pool for them. The divided container swimming pool has two sections, which are the shallow and deep ones. The shallowest part is usually located near a stair for safety.

6. The “Mood Pool”

Mood container Pool
Source: modpools.com

“Mood pool” is a container pool with two sections; one is a regular pool, and the other is a hot water pool with heater. This is a perfect option for those who want to have options in their pools.

The mood pool can be installed indoor or outdoor. It is expensive because of the extra space, materials, and appliances required to create two pool temperatures. However, if you live in four-season countries with extremely cold weather, this is a good pool to have.

7. Container Pool with Patio

Container swimming Pool with Patio
Source: www.beeyoutifullife.com

Container pool with patio has an extra area next to it for patio deck. The patio is usually constructed of wooden panels since they are quite light but able to withstand burdens. The patio may be floating or parallel with the soil.

You can place additional stuff with extra patio space. For example, you may place a lounger chair and umbrella. You can also place a small table with two light chairs. Make sure to understand the burden limit if your patio is constructed high above the ground.

8. Container Pool with Glass Cover

shipping Container swimming Pool with Glass Cover
Source: midcityeast.com

Tarp sheet is usually enough to cover a container pool. However, some pools have a glass cover on sturdy frames above the pool. They are more expensive than a tarp and requiring additional construction projects to install. However, they provide better protection for the pool.

This glass cover is thick and able to withstand temperature differences. Perfect for outdoor pools in areas that have extreme temperature differences. They usually come with a sliding door-like mechanism for easier operation.

9. Multilevel Container Swimming Pools

Multilevel Container swimming pools
Source: www.kahode.com

Multilevel container swimming pools are usually built on the hilly area or high ground. The multilevel shape accommodates the uneven soil surface. It is also ideal to maximize space in a small area.

Multilevel pools are common at commercial places or holiday accommodations. They can be built with certain features, such as Jacuzzi space or infinity-style edge. They provide adequate space for swimming while maximizing the narrow, uneven space.

Container pool is the best option to optimize a narrow area, either at home or commercial place. It is easy to construct, and you can retain the property value. The container swimming pool is a great solution for convenient, cheap, and modern pool.


More amazing shipping container pool designs.













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