15+ Fire Pit Seating Ideas for Great Your Backyard

Fire pit seating arrangement is a great addition for every home with a large backyard. Homeowners can relax or hold various social events in a casual setting.

A fire pit can have any design, from rustic stone piles to sleek concrete box. You must also consider the seat design. Just like your living room, the seating formation must match its surroundings (including the fire pit). Here are nine inspirations to try.

1. Stone Fire Pit Seating with Stone Benches

Fire Pit Seating
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Stone fire pit seating with stone benches has a rustic outdoor look from their materials. Natural boulders are tough and withstanding various outdoor elements. They look especially great on a lawn or forest backyard, thanks to their natural designs.

To make the entire look more welcoming, arrange the stone pit and benches on a raised platform. The platform can be made of concrete or stone tiles. The setting is perfect for a backyard of your home.

2. Fire Pit Seating on Circular Stone Tiles

fire pit seating ideas
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For more fire pit seating ideas in your backyard, try using bonfire as the center of fire pit seating design. You can create a circular gap in the center, with the perfect size to arrange the logs. Surround it with stone tiles arranged in a circular shape.

This design is perfect for a soil or lawn backyard, especially with trees or shrubs as the background. Add a long bench with space beneath the seat, which can be a place to pile fresh logs.

3. Concrete Fire Pit Seating Design

diy fire pit seating
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Concrete fire pit seating design creates a sleeker, more modern look. This design is easy to make because you only need to construct several concrete blocks. The concrete fire pit is perfect for people who like the no-nonsense design.

You can build this concrete pit seating on concrete slabs. Surround it with flower beds or shrub garden. To add extra textures, use wooden panels as the actual seats, while the concrete forms the back and the fire pit.

4. Poolside Fire Pit with Seating Design

outdoor fire pit seating
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Poolside fire pit seating offers a fun, laidback spot for entertaining or relaxing. To create continuity, build the fire pit on a patio that extends from the pool. The fire pit area can be built in lower ground, so people will not look directly to swimmers (and vice versa).

This fire pit seating can also be connected to the house with the patio design. Build a patio that extends directly to the pool and continues down to the fire pit. It is a perfect spot to have a pool party or weekend relaxation.

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5. Grey Brick Fire Pit with Sofas

round fire pit seating
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Grey bricks create an elegant rustic look that goes well with outdoor sofas. This fire pit seating design can be constructed on a grey tile platform, creating a sleek and subdued look that is very relaxing. Choose outdoor sofas with subtle color to complement the grey.

To soften the grey, add several sofa pillows with your favorite patterns. Add one or two brightly-colored pillows to inject lively colors.

6. Tropical Seating for Fire Pit

fire pit seating area design
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Tropical fire pit seating design consists of various beach-related materials and looks. You can create a stone fire pit with wooden benches around it. Add beach chairs with thatched umbrella and Tiki torches nearby.

To complement the design, plant mini palm trees, banana trees, and tropical shrubs. Make sure to showcase the soil texture around the fire pit. This design is perfect to hold a BBQ party.

7. Landscape Garden Fire Pit Outdoor Seating

outdoor fire pit seating ideas
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Landscape garden fire pit must blend well with the surrounding designs. The fire pit can be constructed of white concrete or smooth, natural stone to create a sleek look. The seating arrangement can be regular stone blocks or wooden benches.

You can also add beautiful outdoor furniture to match the landscape garden. Chairs and sofas from wrought rustproof iron, for example, create elegant beauty you often see from the vintage garden.

8. Bowl-type Fire Pit with Floating Seats

Create a modern minimalist design by constructing a fire pit in a bowl-shaped concrete. It can stand on a concrete slab with a similar color. Surround it with short concrete walls, with floating wooden seats installed on their surfaces.

This fire pit is super modern and perfect for a contemporary house. It is ideal for a manicured lawn yard or poolside patio.

9. Portable Fire Pit with Frame Furniture

diy fire pit seating ideas
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The portable fire pit is convenient and comes in various designs. The most common one is made of wrought metal, with a dark color and circular or square shape. This fire pit is still heavy, but easy to move around, perfect for a large yard.

Surround the fire pit with sleek frame furniture to match the shape. If possible, the furniture should have the same color as the fire pit.

The fire pit is a nice addition to any backyard, poolside patio, or front terrace. Having a fire pit seating arrangement will give you extra space to unwind or entertain. Enjoy the best of your property with this outdoor design element.

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