10+ Interesting Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas for Modern Houses

While regular shaped windows protect you from the outside, the floor to ceiling windows provides a major unobstructed, crystal-clear panoramic view to enjoy the beauty outside.

If you’ve happened to live near the seashore, by the lake, or surrounded by the green lush, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy nature where the majestic view lays before your eyes every morning.

Floor to ceiling windows installs getting more popular in modern houses thanks to its features. If you plan to have one, draw inspiration from the following ideas:

Floor to Ceiling Windows in Full Mirror Coverage

Meaning, this particular design can also act as your wall, your door, even your room’s partition. Floor to ceiling windows in full mirror coverage is frameless, so you have to get it planned during the house construction, mounted to the floor and ceiling; and replacing them is hard work.

Despite a careful plan, this glass offers an infinite view across the room or natural sight up front. In modern houses, the windows are installed near a room which provides a beautiful garden view, inviting swimming pool, or where natural lights are required the most.

Mind you that it must be installed at the precise measurement and pressure. Full mirror coverage of floor to ceiling window cost about $700 to $1,600 per foot.

Half-Circle Design

The arched design of the window is quite interesting in modern houses that serves both a clear view and decorative aesthetic purpose. Its visual resembles the dome-like windows, and more often than not, comes with steel frames.

The dome-like floor to ceiling windows is perfect for houses with small spaces. If you wish to make a room appears larger, thank the geometric frame among the things to be considered before buying is the frame and glazing aspects.

Be sure to choose a well-insulated glass and if you wish to save the planet, choose one with the energy-effective system. The mid-grade glass costs about $450 or lower.


Though it has similar arched design as the dome windows, this one creates more dramatic, more majestic, and the maximum impact of a room. The cathedral-like windows are perfect for you who adore the Victorian design and fuse it with the contemporary look.

The model is suitable for a house with high ceilings and makes a room appears taller. However, be sure to not make it over dramatic by placing plump decorative pieces and the less angular furniture to balance the look.

Buying the pre-made panel floor to ceiling windows can help you save some bucks compared to the custom model. A piece that is well-insulated can help the maintenance factor in the future. If you’re lucky to find, some of the cathedral-like floor to ceiling windows for sale are under $5,000.


This is probably the most common style in the floor to ceiling window design, in which frames protect the sides of the glass. No panels are attached to eliminate any view’s obstruction, offering a stretched vision up front.

The full-length windows offer great freshness and spaciousness. Particularly with the insulated frames, you’ll get to have better insulation values and abe to reduce energy and eliminate heating cost. Single-frame floor to ceiling windows is suitable to be installed on the room facing the outside directly.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Multiple Panels

The truth about having multiple panel windows is you also promoting energy and cost-efficiency. The multiple panel windows can come in many different designs, from squares, tinted at the top or bottom, or even the sides. In modern houses, the multiple squares and tinted windows are more common.

Despite helping you save the environment, windows with multiple panels also create a better aesthetic point of view. The design can stand out, and if you opt for the tinted design, it helps you to avoid the glares from the people outside.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Narrow Frames

Another great way of making your modern-looking house or apartment appears more modern is by installing windows with narrow frames. The floor to ceiling windows apartment with multiple narrow frames offers great air circulation while maintaining your privacy.

This type of design makes a standout statement, and the narrower your windows, the more interesting they look. The windows can open inward, outward, or both sides, but both sides are more versatile and allow better traffic.

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Floor to Ceiling Windows with Wooden Frames

While most modern houses incorporate steel or PVC frame construction, it’s never hurt to include wood as your floor to the ceiling window frame. It is produced in less resource extraction, less energy, and transport-efficient.

The wooden frames also reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 26% to 31% compared to what steel frames can do. While some people argue that wooden frames are less durable, it has long lifespan under the well-maintained environment, coating the surface with pest-free and moisture-free materials.

Floor to Ceiling Windows with Obscure Glass

When some people install floor to ceiling windows to see the outside clearer, an obscured glass floor to ceiling window will conceal you from the outside. In most cases, this type of window is installed in the bathroom, a bedroom, or where privacy matters most.

Without compromising the function, the window still makes a great statement of room decoration. The obscured glass also comes in many different designs from the mosaic, geometric, both monochromatic or in colors.

There you have the 8 floors to ceiling windows design ideas for your modern house that is highly functional and beautifully decorative. Do you already have one in mind?

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