12 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas That Work

No one is lucky enough to have a large, spacious room to hold a reception. If you live in an apartment or a house with a small living room, it’s always a mindful job to arrange everything; where to put the sofa, how to get enough traffic space, how can I get the light in, et cetera.

To help you out, here are the 12 best small living room decorating ideas that work.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Well, I know it doesn’t change the size of a room, but placing a mirror as your wall decoration can create such a spacious feeling. Put the mirror on the center or focal point in the room and near the window, so it can reflect as much light as possible and give the illusion of you seeing the reflection, which makes it appear larger.

Keep Everything Linear

No bubbles and plumps; instead, choose decorative things that are linear. For example, put a geometric-styled ottoman in monochrome color or upholstery with linear print for your chair. This way, the linear prints can create an illusion of length and width while improving the structure for small living room decorating ideas.

Small Room, Small Stuff

Don’t get too stubborn by choosing your favorite antique clock bell to display in your small living room; you don’t have enough space for that. Choosing furniture need visual weight consideration. If space doesn’t allow, choose a loveseat instead of a couch; armless chairs or a small coffee table can do the trick.

Horizontal Lining Coverages

If a room has a small space, try to make it appear larger by using horizontal linings wallpaper. Moreover, the horizontal wallpaper can have the effect of elongated and stretching illusion for small living room decorating ideas. It doesn’t have to come in monochromatic color; instead, you can play with different colors to add sophistication.

Floor to Ceiling Drapery

Attaching floor to ceiling drapes also makes a stylish way to achieve small living room decorating ideas on a budget that it will draw the eyes upward. Use long curtain to cover the windows that can instantly improve height in a room space. Hang it right where your wall interacts with the ceiling, and let the rest slightly muddled on the floor.

Small to Midsize Work of Art

While you don’t want to cramp the whole room using furniture, the best way in small living room decorating ideas is using small to midsize artwork. It should be hanging so it won’t take that much space. A striking painting or photo illustration can create a distraction and draw the visual beyond the eye-level space and make a room feel greater than its actual size.

Go Bold For Pattern

This is the expert’s eye on small living room decorating ideas; small patterns only make a room smaller. Play with your creativity and choose a bold, daring pattern to decorate the space.

Go beyond a wall coverage and cover the ceiling as well to expand the maximum look of the space; a small room allows you to go loose with any pattern because they’re still contained.

One for All

It’s one for all but not all for one. When you think of certain furniture, think one that can serve multiple purposes. For example, an ottoman table with hidden storage beneath is more useful; a foldable chair can also help improve the traffic area without compromising quality.

Layering with Lights

To create layering lights, you need to stack up everything at multiple levels. For example, attach a big or floor to ceiling windows with multiple panels, and keeping lights at multiple layers using chandeliers, task lights, and floor lamps. This way, you’ll get the impact of the well-lit room and a warm atmosphere.

Lose Some Legs

If you’re thinking of maximizing the room space, consider legs-free furniture for small living decorating ideas on a budget. Choose pieces that can be directly attached to the wall, floating stuff like shelves and storage can function beautifully and clear up the floor space for you to operate or adding other pieces that need to be on the ground.

Paint in Neutral or Monochromatic

The good thing about going for monochromatic is simplicity. You can’t make the small living room appears to overcrowd by putting too many different colors; monochromatic creates a nice clean finish look instead. If you don’t fancy the black and white thing, go for neutral colors like brown. They’re great enough to provide additional illumination by reflecting the light.

15+ Stylish Modern TV Stand Ideas for Small Spaces

A TV stand in the living room can be a great focal point as well to function as storages and displays. You may need to have several modern TV stand ideas especially if you want to have a complete entertainment center in your house.

Pouring the idea into reality may not be as easy if you have limited space. There are tips and tricks that you can do to make it come true. Spacing, colors, and lighting need to be planned so that the area does not only appealing but also functioning well.

Modern TV Stand Design for Entertainment Area

What appliances of entertainment that you have—a Blu-ray player, a PlayStation, or maybe the latest XBOX? Do you want to make the appliances visible or out of sight? To answer the questions, let us take a look at these modern TV stand ideas below:

TV Stand with Floor-to-Wall Cabinet

The floor-to-wall cabinet is a good idea especially if you have many electronics to store. The storage area can be divided into 2 parts, the upper and lower part. The TV and other electronic appliances are displayed on the lower part of the cabinet.

While the upper cabinet or shelves may be used to store your Blu-ray collections and other things that are rarely used, if you have children around, make sure that smaller things go on top so that it is out of their reach. With the right arrangement, the floor-to-wall would help you in organizing a limited space.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelving for a modern TV stand for the living room would not only make the room feels spacious, but you can also arrange the items along with proper decorations. This type of shelving is also suitable for those who prefer simplicity in designs.

One thing to remember is that the open shelves tend to be dusty over time. Make sure that you keep an eye on its cleanness to maintain the look of your living room’s entertainment center.

Not only electronic appliances, but you can also display some books on the shelves—creating a diverse aspect of digital technology with the look of papers surely will give your living room a dynamic look.

Geometric Cabinet Designs with No Handles

Sharp and sleek lines are the key to modern TV stand ideas. Geometric style sometimes features diagonal or crossing lines. Most of this type of cabinet is also built with no handles so that the surfaces are clean from any accessories.

With the modern geometric cabinets, you can play with just any materials—wood, glass, metal; you name it. To make it look tidier, hide all the cables by using cable trays or boxes. Good cable management will determine the look of your modern TV stand décor.

Make It Looks Neat with a Floating Cabinet

A floating TV stand is also another item to make your living room looks modern. Some people also choose this kind of cabinet because it is safer for kids. Though it tends to save the space, the floating TV cabinet also stores less than the normal TV stand.

If you don’t have too many devices on hand, the floating TV stand can be a perfect choice. To keep the area in one theme, you may also mount the TV above the cabinet. With the right choice of color, your living room will look great with this type of TV stand.

A Single Cabinet for a Rustic Look

Who else thinks that rustic is the new modern? Though the style has been around for a while, the right design of rustic furniture still looks chic and modern. You can use the classical cabinet with a natural wood color as a TV stand.
To add a sense of modernity, choose a cabinet with fewer drawers and open shelves. If possible, arrange the devices according to their color and sizes. Also, it is important to choose a cabinet that is wider than your TV to keep the visual balance.

Creating a Functional Entertainment Area with Modern TV stands Furniture

Modern TV stand ideas for a living room should accommodate both the style and the function. To do that, make sure that you don’t skip some of these tips:

Mount the TV

Mounting the TV to the wall would create a modern look for your living room. Even when you have a wall-mounted TV, the TV stand should also be employed to add safety and for the sake of the appearance.

Make a Proportional Storage

Adjust the things that you want to display with the size of the cabinets and shelves. Some people want to minimize the storage area without knowing that they have too many electronics to handle. Thorough planning of buying the right size of TV stand should solve this problem.

Combine It with Decoration

Avoid looking dull and boring by adding some décor around the wall behind the TV stand or on the shelves you have. Arranging flower pots, succulents, pictures, and paintings can be beautiful additions to your entertainment corner.

Bellow is a collection of contemporary TV stand design ideas for your house.
















Best 10+ Modern Room Apartment Ideas for Studio Style

A studio apartment is a smart solution to save money on living space. Modern room apartment with studio style combines all functions in one space. While it may sound like a space-saving solution, you can still have fun with the design.

Studio apartment provides more opportunity to experiment with colors, furniture, and textures. You can create a beautiful living space even with limited apartment size. Here are several ideas to help you start.

1. Black and White Modern Apartment

The black and white modern apartment has a classic look that lasts for years. Be bold by combining white walls with dark furniture, or vice versa. Install several mood lightings along with the main light bulb to illuminate specific spots when needed.

To balance the black and white look, install a wooden floor with the prominent wood grain pattern. You can also install a rug with a bright color to cut through the monochromatic shade.

2. Modern Apartment with Smart Storage

Modern apartment with smart storage combines several functions in one furniture item. For example, an L sofa may be transformed into a daybed. You can also find a sofa with a hollow part under the seat for additional storage space.

Other popular storage options include a chest-style coffee table that can be opened. You can also buy the classic items, such as feet bolster or ottoman which top parts serve as the lids.

3. Larger Apartment Look with Mirrored Surfaces

Adding mirrored surfaces in a modern room apartment will create larger size illusion. A mirror is a classic option for a small room, but the reflective surface can be anything. You can install dark floor tiles that have a sleek, reflective surface.

Consider installing decorative mirrors on several spots of the walls. They give you extra spots to check your appearance and provide larger size illusion in a studio apartment.

4. Modern Apartment with Hidden Furniture

Modern apartment with hidden furniture is a convenient way to save space. Many apartments have a foldable bed that is hidden in the wall. There are now dining tables that can be pushed into the cabinet when you are not using them.

Contemporary apartments, such as the designs of Kitoko Studio, have “Swiss Army knife furniture”, in which a cabinet hides a small dining table, chair, and closet. These modern solutions are great to save space.

5.Modern Room Apartment with Sliding Doors

Modern room apartment with sliding doors is very common. Sliding doors help to reduce the space you need when opening and closing them. Normally, sliding doors are made of glass, but this material is expensive and unsuitable for a small apartment.

Wooden sliding doors can be a better alternative. Disguised as regular wall panels, these wooden doors provide smooth access to other rooms in a less conspicuous way. These wooden doors can also blend with other wooden furniture or floor.

6. Combo Furniture for Studio Apartment

Combo furniture has started to become more popular for modern room apartment. Combo furniture by Swiss designer Till Konneker, for example, combines a bed, closet, shoe rack, and TV space.

In this example, the combo furniture has the bed on top, with a metal ladder like a bunk bed. Bookshelves are arranged around the TV space, right next to a closet. The extra space below the closet is used for shoes.

7. Modern Apartment with Wall Shelves

Creating partition or walls out of shelves is a classic solution for a small apartment. Modern apartment with wall shelves creates convenience from practicality. The shelves can reach the ceiling or just high enough to create a partition.

The shelves can have a solid or hollow back, depending on the privacy level you want. However, if you have a ceiling-high shelf, use the one with solid back to prevent falling objects.

8. Modern Apartment with Mezzanine Floor

Modern apartment with the mezzanine floor is a solution to create extra space in a small room. A mezzanine floor can be additional space for a bed, study room, or mini library. It can be accessed with curved or block stairs, depending on the height and position.

For more playful space design, make the mezzanine a room for being barefoot. Place a low desk, bookshelf, and floor mattress to create cozy space. Use the walls to make floating racks and other practical storage space.

9. Large Curtains for Apartment Room

Large curtains for apartment room eliminate the needs for “bedroom”. Instead of installing walls to separate the bedroom area, you can use large curtains that extend from ceiling to floor. The curtains are connected to the metal frame with railing above the bed.

Choose curtains with colors that contribute to the room design. For a more modern look, try installing two black and two white curtains. You can also choose light brown, grey, or blue curtains for a more relaxing look.

Modern room apartment in studio style property requires smart design planning. You can save space by using combo furniture, building a unique structure like the mezzanine floor, or playing with colors and materials. Try these ideas to create your dream apartment.

Here are more modern room apartment ideas:

















5 Wonderful Ideas of Triple Bunk Beds for Your Kids’ Bedroom

Many families with children consider the bunk bed as a sleeping solution without compromising space and quality. For people with triplets or even quadruplets, there’s no better space-saver than the triple bunk beds in your house. This type of bed is versatile and highly functional while serving the aesthetic aspect of your kids’ bedroom decor.

The Advantages of Triple Bunk Beds

Having an extra bed(s) can never hurt. Triple bunk beds offer a great solution for children to share a room or those who cannot afford to add extra room; why not add an extra bunk instead? If you have one plan in mind, here are the 5 wonderful ideas of triple bunk beds for kids’ bedroom:

Full Triple Decker Bunk Bed

Mind yourself that if your room doesn’t have high enough ceiling, this one should be crossed out from the list. The traditional design of triple bunk beds 3 high allows children to be active, or maybe you should consider the oldest one to sleep on the very top. A traditional one has a ladder attached to one side of the bed for your child to climb.

Be sure to have enough space between the top bunk and the ceiling for your kid to move.

Two Ups, One Down

Considering the design, you’ll get an equal amount of fighting about who’s going to occupy the top bunk. Two ups, one down means an L-shaped bed on the upper with two ladders on each of the bed, usually one on the side and one at the back side. One bed is above the first, and the third bed is on the opposite side of the second bunk.

With this, you’ll get a space below the third bed to fill with a small cabinet or drawers, or even a study table with an adequate amount of light.

One-Ups, Two Down

It has the opposite design of the previous version of triple bunk beds. You’ll get an L-shaped down the floor beds with a ladder attached to one side to connect with the upper bunk. I think this is a safer option so your kids won’t have to climb up the bed and minimize the risk of falling.

This particular design requires a larger room space compared to the full traditional bunk beds. Since it doesn’t offer any additional storage, you’ll have to provide extra space for that.

Triple Bunk Bed with Separate Ladder

The traditional triple bunk beds design has a ladder attached to one side of the frame. To make it more interesting, you can opt for the partial ladder. The ladder can be mounted to the side or detachable and extendable to reach the second and third level easily. It usually comes with a safety barrier to protect the kids from falling.

The detachable ladder makes it easier for parents to clean up space, as well as prevent accidental bump.

The Crisscross Bunk Beds

You don’t have to stuck on the parallel design of a bunk bed where the beds installed on the same line. Another way to wonderfully decorate your kids’ bedroom using triple bunk beds is by coming up with the criss-cross design, in which each bed is mounted on a different level but not parallelly aligned.

In this sense, you can place two bunks connected with a mounted ladder on the side, and one bed to sit in the middle with a different position.

The kids can access the middle bunk bed using a mounted or detachable ladder. From this point of view, you’ll get enough room to add storage under the middle bed to place a laundry basket or a small drawer. Better still, if you make the middle bunk high enough, try adding extra mounted drawer storage for your kids’ clothes.

Why Do I Have to Install Triple Bunk Beds?

Among any other reason, saving space is the most profound one. The design helps families with limited house room to provide extra space for their children, where you can place 3 kids in one room.

While the design of bunk beds works for a house with limited room numbers, it also requires a larger room space for a modified bunk bed, and a higher ceiling for the traditional stacked up triple bunk beds with drawers. The suitable design? It’s on your hand.

What Do I Need to Have (Make) One?

If you have the time and skill, try to build the bunks yourself. It can be made of wood or steel, each with its lacks and benefits. While it’s more difficult to build steel, the triple bunk beds solid wood makes it easier to modify with, in which you can add stairs, desks, even slides or other fun highlights.

To make traditional bunk beds, you’ll need at least boards measuring 2 x 6”, 2 x 4”, and 2 x 3”, bolts and nuts, plywood, wood screws, table saw, a drill, a power hand sander, gel stain, and polyurethane.

In some cases, triple bunk beds can also limit clearance for the space between the ceiling and the upper bunk, but with a slight modification, you can overcome that problem.